How To Stream Live NBA Games


Basketball is an incredibly popular sport in the United States and several other countries, as well. In fact, the increasing number of basketball fans is an indication of its rapid adoption as a global sport. Owing to its growing popularity, there are now multiple options for fans to stream NBA live online. Some of these options are free, while others require a subscription.

How to watch NBA online streaming for free

It is a common assumption that the quality of free live NBA streaming is not the best for basketball fans to enjoy their favorite sport, but this is not necessarily true. There are various websites that offer high definition videos with gleaming picture and sound.

Another concern is that some websites are questionable, in the sense that they may not be fully legal. While opening such websites does not mean that the FBI will track you down for committing a felony, those who are uncomfortable with the idea of using a means that is not completely above board would be better of paying for cable or subscribed packages.

That said, you should be cautious when browsing through websites that claim to offer NBA streaming for free. Some ask users to download software that comes with malware, while others misdirect you to irrelevant advertisements. The following are some of the common sites offering NBA TV live streaming for free online:

Good Sites For Streaming NBA Games

If you intend to stream NBA Live online for free, then can fulfill that need. The site shows a list of scheduled games, scheduled times, and links directing you to their HD live streams. On this site, you will get free access to NBA TV streams for all games until the playoffs and finals in May-June.



First you have to download an application depending on the device you intend to stream through. Stream Torrent is a great application for NBA TV streams via the computer, while you can use Sopcast for android devices and Skyfire for iOS devices. Secondly, visit the WiziWig website, and select Basketball category under “Live Sports” section.

You will find a long list of scheduled games including NCAA basketball, college football and the time of play. If you are looking for NBA games, use the filter option to limit your search options, and then choose the game you want to see. To view an LA Lakers live stream, for instance, simply click on the link associated with that game.

Some games have multiple links of different video quality, so you may have to test the options before settling on one. To play, you have to choose a program, which is the application you installed in your device.



Like WizWig, VIP Box offers live streams for multiple sports, though you do not have to install any software with the latter option. VIP Box is easy to use, since you just have to click on the sport you want, basketball, and then select your game from the list of games playing on that day. This site offers numerous games every day, and their video quality is consistent, which means that you are more likely to enjoy a Miami Heat live stream on VIP Box, compared to other sites.


This is another site that offers free live streams for multiple sports, including professional and college games. The quality of streams in Feed2all is similar to that of VIP Box, though it tends to freeze quite a lot.


This site is different from the other three, in that it does not list its sports and games separately. Instead, the games are organized by date and time. So, to find a basketball game, like the NY Knick live stream, you have to know the date and time of play in order to locate it easily. Then, click on the basketball icon next to it. The quality is not very good, but pausing and restarting the play clears it up.

NBA League Pass Broadband


NBA® league pass is a service offered by for streaming live basketball games on multiple devices, including TV, PC, Apple iOS devices, Android devices, Xbox 360, and PlayStations 3 and 4, among others.

NBA League Pass is a great choice for streaming professional basketball, since you get access to about 40 out-of-market regular season games every week. You can watch every televised NBA game that is not broadcast on national TV, though local blackout restrictions apply.

Before the start of the 2013/2014 season, League Pass released a revised app that offers NBA fans with additional features including the direct access to a large national game archive containing all games televised on NBA TV, TNT, ESPN, and ABC, for the entire regular season, as well as the ability to choose between home and away live audio feeds for each games.

Unfortunately, this option is not free. The standard plan has an annual membership fee of $22.99, whereby clients enjoy multi-game viewing of all regular season games with multiple viewing modes. Other features in this package include stats modules and play markers.

All packages offer NBAtv HD streaming, though the premium package with an annual membership fee of $104.99 can give you additional entertainment. The premium package offers 24/7 stream of exclusive NBA press conferences, events, original and classic programming, and fantasy insight. You also get access to regular season, pre-season, Playoffs, All-star and NBA finals games.

NBA League Pass Mobile is a specially designed package that allows users to stream live NBA games via their iPhone or Android devices, on the go, for $54.00. Sprint customers, however, purchase it for $43.00. The service is only available on your phone, and blackout restrictions apply.

The NBA Game Time App is offered for free to all users subscribed to a premium NBA League Pass Broadband package. However, only users with the $199 package can stream all teams, while those with the $139.99 package get to choose 5 teams that they want to watch.

TNT Overtime – Free online Live streaming


TNT airs only two NBA games every week during the regular season, on Thursday evenings, with some occasional streams on Mondays and Tuesdays. These games are regularly (not every time) available online via TNT Overtime, since the service is intended to supplement the TNT broadcast. This option allows you to watch HD streams from up to 4 different camera angles concurrently.

NBA Audio Pass


This option is for fans who enjoy listening to live NBA games. It is a free service that requires users to register for an All-Access account at Once you create your account, you can listen to any game, and even get to choose a home or away announcer.