Alabama Football Live Stream


If you’re a fan of University of Alabama football, then there’s probably nothing more exciting than being able to watch Alabama football live on your computer or mobile device. But if you’re wondering how much you’ll have to pay, the answer is none, since there are many free services available.

Free Alabama College Football Streaming Options

One website you can watch the games streamed for free is at First Row Sports, and while the emphasis is on European football and MMA PPVs, you can watch Alabama football online there as well. You can also try and click the link to NCAA football, and if the team has a game on, you can watch Alabama football online free there. You can also watch some highlights on ABC Online provided you are in the location being served, and you can also go to where you can find links to watch an Alabama game online and read about the latest news involving the team.

However, bear in mind that free live streaming of football games is usually of a lower quality compared to paid subscriptions. In addition, some free sites might slow down or be difficult to access especially if Alabama is playing a big game. For these reasons, it’s a good idea if you bookmark as many of these sites as possible so if one goes down you’ll have access to another.

Watch Alabama Football on Mobile Apps

If you’d rather watch the game on your mobile device, you have several options as well. The first on your list should be the Alabama College Football Scores app which us available for download. The app isn’t free and costs $1.99, but you do get videos, highlights, live scoring and stats.

If you want Alabama football live stream as well other information on your Android, check out Alabama Football News. This is a free Android app offers video highlights, news, stats and the latest news about Alabama football game live. Another free app on Android is Alabama Football News where you can watch videos, read articles, see photo slideshows and more.

Paid Streaming

Because free streaming is usually low quality, you might want to consider subscription services. They’re available both for your desktop computer and mobile devices, so there are plenty of options available if you decide to go this route.

  • If you decide to watch Alabama football live via paid subscription, you can go to where the monthly subscription is $12.
  • Now if you’re a big fan not just of Alabama football but sports in general, you may subscribe to CBS Sports U-Live for $17.95 a month. It isn’t cheap but aside from live stream of Alabama football you’ll get access to other sports. The service is available as an app and on web browsers too.

If you missed the Alabama game live stream there’s no need to worry since the replays are available on YouTube. In addition you can watch highlights and videos of the team’s matches at their official website on