Auburn Football Live Stream

These days you’re spoiled for choices when it comes to watching University of Auburn football online. Before, your options were limited to subscription based services, but you can now watch Auburn football online free.

There are a lot of websites that stream the Tigers’ games live free online. This Facebook page isn’t exclusively for the Auburn Tigers but it showcases various college football teams and games and it’s also a good resource. In addition you can go to, a user driven site with more than 3,000 channels including Auburn football live streaming, NFL, and other football content.

Aside from live streaming of the games, Justin TV also offers the following:

  • Support for high definition video streaming
  • Pre-game coverage
  • Post-game coverage
  • Play by play analysis and game breakdown

You can also get live streaming from Ustream Sports by going to:, another user driven site where the content is uploaded by its users. Because of the way Ustream Sports is set up, anytime the Tigers have a big game you can be certain someone will upload it to the site, allowing you to watch Auburn football live for free.

There are a lot of other websites like Ustream, but one aspect where it differs from the rest is the quality, as the streams are very clear as is the audio. More importantly, the site doesn’t require you to download any plugins or software to stream content. This is a very convenient feature as some of those plugins are resource hogs, slowing your system down.

Besides Ustream and Justin TV you can also try, one of the most popular free services online, although the quality of the video streams varies. For highlights, replays and other videos, you can go to the official Auburn Athletics YouTube channel at

Paid Options

Watching Auburn college football games on the Internet is nice, but sometimes it’s difficult to access these services due to large traffic. If you’re willing to pay for Auburn football live stream you can subscribe to for $9.95 monthly and get the latest videos, highlights and news about the team.

In addition, you can go to and watch them on the SEC Football Game of the Week.

Auburn Tigers on Mobile

You can also get Auburn football streaming videos on their official mobile apps for iTunes and Android, available Here. Both apps are free to download but to access a Tigers game live you’ll need to pay for the in-app purchases. However, the free app provides plenty of information about the team including statistics, stadium maps, and other information for the fans.

If you want to watch Auburn football online and don’t mind paying, you may download WatchESPN, a free app but it will only work if you’re with Verizon FiOS, Time Warner or any other approved partners (Internet or TV subscription). If you’re subscribed to any of those, you’ll get access to live streaming of ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and EPSNU football games, including some that are exclusively online.