Baylor Football Live Stream

The Baylor Bears had what many considered as its best season in 2013 by winning the Big 12 Conference championship, and many fans of Baylor University football are hoping that they can replicate the winning formula for 2014. Tickets can be hard to come by for the new McLane Stadium. But if cable TV is unavailable for you for any reason, then you can still watch Baylor football online.

Legal Digital Broadcasts

The Baylor Bears are part of the Big 12 Conference, and the television rights for the games are distributed among ABC, ESPN, and Fox Sports. It is also possible that a game may be featured by CBS Sports. So logically, what you need to do is to figure out which channel is featuring the Baylor game live, and then you head on out to the website of that channel. Your cable TV provider should also be affiliated with the channel to get the Baylor football live streaming as part of your cable subscription.

  • If it’s on Fox Sports, you should then go to FOX Sports Go. You can then sign in with your TV provider to watch the Baylor football live stream online. Also, you can download the Fox Sports Go mobile app which is so far only available on iTunes.
  • If the game is on ABC, then you can watch Baylor football live on the ABC Network website by just clicking on the “Watch Live” tab. You can also download the mobile app, which is available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and the Windows 8 OS.
  • If it’s on any ESPN channel, then you can download the WatchESPN mobile app or just watch live on the ESPN website.
  • If it’s on CBS Sports, you can download the CBS Sports app after subscribing to the CBS ULive.

You can also watch Baylor football highlights by subscribing to the Baylor Bears All-Access website. There’s a convenient shortcut here to apply for a CBS ULive subscription as well.

Unofficial Live Broadcasts

While Googling for Baylor Bears live streams may be very tempting, you may have to resist that inclination. That’s because the quality of these streams are not exactly HD, and they’re slow as well.

The main exception may be Here, you can search the site for live stream channels featuring Baylor Bears games. Once you get the channels you need, they will indicate which P2P software you have to install to get the live stream on your computer. Conveniently, the website offers the links for any program you may need as well. The channels will be available about five hours before kickoff, so you will have ample time to set up everything for the game.


Still, it’s very possible that you may miss a game. But at least you can avail of HD replays even just a few hours after the game ends. You can go to the sports forum, find the appropriate thread, and download the game from the links provided. You can also Google for the torrents of the game, after installing the torrent program.