Blackhawks Live Stream

There are several ways to watch the Chicago Blackhawks on TV. One is to wait for NBCSN to air the NHL game in which the Blackhawks are playing in. Other games are shown on WGN-TV, and the rest are shown on Comcast Sports Net Chicago. It can get a bit confusing if you want to watch the Blackhawks live online, since you first have to know where it’s being shown. If it’s on NBCSN, for example, you’d have to verify that you are a cable subscriber to a provider that offers NBCSN.

To cut through all the hoopla, you only need to know when the Blackhawks game is being played. Once you know that, then it’s very easy to watch the Blackhawks online. And once more, you don’t even have to pay a cent. You just get Blackhawks live stream on your computer or mobile device.


Once you are online with your PC or mobile device, one way of getting the Blackhawks streaming is to head on out to VIP Box TV. Select the “hockey” icon on the home page, and you’ll find the Blackhawks game offered by one of the many Blackhawk fans eager to broadcast the show. You’ll probably be offered several streaming channels to choose from, as the Blackhawks are quite popular especially in Chicago. Click on one link and sit back and relax.

Of course, you can’t really sit back, because the ads here can be truly inconvenient. You’ll encounter full page ads that will block the whole screen, and sometimes they may even automatically lead your browser to another website. You’ll then need to click back to the former page you were doing. Every time an ad pops up, you’ll have to close the window.

However, there’s a special trick recommended by experts which can cut down the level of annoyance you’ll feel while you watch the game. There’s a special “x” near the regular “x” which allows you to close the ad. While the regular “x” will say “click to close JavaScript” or something to that effect, the special “x” won’t say anything at all. However, you’ll need to be deft in placing the mouse cursor in exactly the right spot. You can click the right “x”, and you’ll then be able to watch the streaming video in full screen mode, which also cuts down the number of ads.

First Row Sports

This website is one of the pioneers in trying to feature just about every game on TV online. As a result, it has earned the ire of the US government, which ties to shut it down on a fairly regular basis. First Row Sports is a European website, which means it has the “.eu” extension. But the precise address may have to be researched through Google, because it changes often.

Once you find the website, you will probably notice the annoying ubiquity of the popup ads. Again, this is the price you have to pay to watch the Blackhawks stream live here, and there’s no secret “x” for you to click.

The good news is that the website has several aggregate versions which fortunately remove a lot of the ads from their own versions. They can be found on or, for example. Just type the Blackhawks name on the search bar, and you’ll find your options. You’ll only need to have the latest flash player installed on your browser, but sometimes you may have to install various plugins to improve the viewing experience. Just be careful, though, and make absolutely sure that your antivirus programs are up to date. Installing these things on your computer can lead to viruses and malware.

Justin TV

If you are very lucky, you can find a video of the whole game on YouTube, but you will have to wait until the game is finished. But if you want to get the Blackhawks live streaming, you may want to check out Justin TV. Many people are watching sports online on this website, and its popularity is rising. Part of the reason for its popularity is that the people who run the website don’t give a damn about copyright and broadcasting restrictions, which is also why they get shut down every once in a while. But they always come back.

Go to the website, and then type “Blackhawk” in the search bar. Click on one of the results, and it may feel just like you’re watching on YouTube. If you are using your laptop or your desktop PC, then you only need to make sure that your browser is running the latest flash player from Adobe. For mobile phones, you can always use the Skyfire browser to simulate the flash capability you need to play the video.

All the others are fairly simple to use, but is much more complicated in what it requires from you. Go to, but make sure you log on a few hours in advance of the start of the game. You’ll need those hours to set up.

Once you’re in, type “Blackhawks” in the search bar. Then you will see the results, but you will also be shown the precise program you need to install first. is a P2P hosting website, which means that you and your stream provider will have to synchronize first. You need to make sure that you have the right program. Fortunately, there’s a page on the site where you can find all the links and download instructions for whatever program you may need so you can watch the game. Click on the right link, and install the program. That’s when you can sit back and relax, because the upside here is that there aren’t many ads that will bother you from your hockey mania.

Of course, if you are a true Blackhawks fan then you know that all this information is only good for the next season. The Blackhawks just lost Game 7 of the NHL Western Conference Finals to the LA Kings, and that spells the end of their title hopes for the year.