Cal Football Live Stream

The University of California Bears football team is a highly popular team that competes in the NCAA.  Fans can follow them as they battle other teams in the Pac-12 Conference. You can opt to get a CAL bears live stream free along with hundreds of thousands of football diehards wanting to see the Bears in action online.

Free Online Streaming

Stream Hunter is one of the more dependable websites for free online streams of sports events around the world, including NCAA football games. The homepage lists down the active streams, and from here a California Bears fan can search for an ongoing CAL football live coverage.

Users can also narrow down their search by clicking on the football section of the website which can be seen at the upper section of the home page. The browser then redirects to the football page where all football games, whether from the pro league NFL or from the NCAA, are shown.

Viewers who are interested in CAL football streaming can then click on the video icon to watch the online stream. It usually takes several minutes for the live feed to be shown, although the Internet speed may also affect it.  In some cases, a live feed requires the installation of an external media player.

Another website that fans of California Bears football can go to if they want to catch a live game of the team is VIP Box Asia, which has the URL address Like Stream Hunter, the website is pretty easy to navigate. All the active live feeds are displayed on the main page, and from here the viewer can start looking for a stream that shows an on-going Bears game.

If these two websites still fail to produce a good live stream of a California Bears game, then viewers can head on to Adthe. Viewers from the United Kingdom and the United States, however, will not be able to access this website because of legal issues.

It should be noted that most free online streaming websites have numerous advertisements which could annoy its viewers. The quality of audio and video of the flash streams can also be disappointingly slow and poor.


For viewers who don’t want to deal with buffering and poor video quality common among free online streams, there is always WatchESPN to fall back on. WatchESPN can be accessed using an Internet browser or downloaded as an app on a Google Android device or IOS powered device. The downside is that WatchESPN is only available to US-based subscribers, aside from requiring a cable package from a traditional cable TV provider.

WatchESPN offers high definition viewing on the Internet as well as mobile devices and even game systems. Because it is essentially a paid service, the app yields high quality audio and video. To use the service, viewers have to enter some information provided by their cable TV company.