Watch Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins football game live, Video Highlights

If you are Kansas City Chiefs fan then you are probably feeling a little down because Jamal Charles is injured, but don’t worry because his backup is actually pretty good! Watching this big on Sunday is going to be a lot of fun and you are probably here because you want to know where you can find a free online stream to the game, right? Well that is very simple and in the following article you will read where to look, so keep reading!

Many people would love to sit in front of their computer this Sunday and watch the Kansas City Chiefs against the Miami Dolphins football game. It sure to one amazing contest of two up and coming teams squaring off on the gridiron down in Miami. Most likely temperatures will be in the 90’s at kickoff, so a good running game which the Chiefs have is likely to wear down the Dolphins defense. But you came here for information about a free stream, right? Okay enough with the game talk and onto information about where you can locate these magical free online football streams.

The simple solution that will allow you to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Miami Dolphins is to go to any search engine and type in exactly what I just said. That’s right, just type in watch Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins football game stream online live and you should be given tons of links to websites like, First Row Sports, and where you can watch the game for free. Usually the links show up a couple minutes before kickoff, so don’t start panicking if they aren’t working right now.

If you are having issues locating a quality stream, then your next safest route to watching this great football game on Sunday is to go to the fan forum of either the Miami Dolphins or Kansas City Chiefs. These fan communities are great because you get to talk football and everyone there is usually excited on Sunday and happy to talk about the big game that is about to be played. All you have to do is go to the game day thread, the one that says Chiefs vs. Dolphins and in there you will find someone who has posted a link to the game. Usually this will occur sometime right before kickoff or once the game has just started. If you are checking out the message board and nobody has posted a link and the game is about to start, don’t worry, just post a message asking if anyone can share a working link to a stream of the game. Most likely you will get someone right away posting a link to the game! That’s it, just thank them and then go click the link.

You should be very excited now that you realize there is a way for you to watch the Dolphins versus the Chiefs on Sunday. It is going to be a great game, so kick your feet up and let’s watch some football!