How To Watch Cavs Game Tonight

If you are a big NBA fan and you can’t watch NBA on your TV because you are either abroad, or you can’t afford the cable television bill, don’t worry. There are plenty of websites offering free online live streams to watch your favorite NBA basketball team playing. My favorite NBA basketball team is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I’ve been using the Internet to Watch Cleveland Cavaliers Online for some time, and I have my list of favorite websites who give the best online live stream. Before, I give you my list of favorite websites I want to let you know about the security dangers, you might occur from some of these websites, and how to protect your computer from malware.

How to protect your PC from viruses, trojan horses from live stream videos?

The first thing you must do is install Flash Block, AdBlock, NoScript, WOT add-ons, to your browser. As malware is becoming more and more sophisticated, you can get a trojan horse from ads and the cache downloaded to your computer. Using the above mentioned add-ons will block ads and other flash tools used to hijack your computer’s privacy. Also, don’t forget to delete the cache on your browser regularly.

A firewall and an antivirus are necessary softwares, to protect your computer. Make sure your security softwares, and your operating system are up to date with the latest security updates. If a website asks, you to download special software to watch any of the games don’t do it. The software is most likely a virus. You can watch the same match on other websites for free without downloading any software.

If you want to watch Cavs games online for free don’t expect a high definition picture. But there are few things you can do to get most of the free live stream:

  1. Make sure your computer is near to your router. The farther you are from the router the weaker the signal is, the slower the stream will be.
  2. Pause every download during the match. Downloading slows down streaming.
  3. Use a private wifi network. Avoid using a public wireless network, the more people using the same network the slower your internet connection will be. If you’re watching the match at home politely ask your family members to stop using the Internet during the match, if they aren’t doing anything important, or invite them to watch the match with you.
  4. It is normal for free live streaming websites while watching the match the screen to freeze a couple of times. From my experience opening a couple of links of the same match on different tabs works best. When one link stops broadcasting I move to the next one. In order to prevent sounds from interfering mute the sound and turn the radio on. Listen the radio live stream to get live commentary.
  5. If you are using a free online stream because you cannot afford the cable television costs, then consider paying for a better Internet broadband connection. 15-50 megabytes per second would be your best internet speed of the Cleveland Cavaliers live stream.

Cavs game live stream websites:

  • My favorite website with the best streaming live games so far is It is free and it provides pretty good quality for a free website. You will have to open a couple of links until, you find the best quality with very little if any blur and screen freezing. Often you will find a great picture, but it lasts only 30-40 minutes. Finding another link with the same quality doesn’t take too long. Sportlemon is very easy to use. At the starting page, you get the date and the hour the game starts with many links to watch the game from different world tv channels. Sometimes, you will get broadcast from some European television. I don’t mind watching basketball on a language I don’t understand as long as the quality is good.
  • is a also a great site offering the Cleveland Cavaliers matches for free. This site is similar to the previous and it is a very user friendly site. There are less links on wiziwig. Sometimes the links on wiziwig offer better quality than sportlemon so always check both sites.
  • Haha sports offers a variety of the National Basketball Association matches for free. But unfortunately they don’t always work. It’s good to check on this website for free live streams. Sometimes this site surprises.
  • TNT provides very good live streams from 4 angles. TNT’s stream is my favorite website for TV watching. You can choose the angle you want to watch the match. Just connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable and you get almost a perfect picture.
  • First Row sports allow you to watch NBA matches and the Cavs, although it isn’t a sports tv streaming website. I’ve watched the Cavaliers on this website a couple of times when no other website was giving a live stream.

This is my list of favorite free streaming websites. The old rule still stays what you pay is what you get. While the links of live stream will work, most of the time the broadcast will be slow, blurry, there will be screen freezing, etc. Also, I get a couple of trojan horse warnings from my antivirus. If you have important information on your computer, or if you use the same computer for online purchasing beware of these websites.

My list of favorite websites that offer live streams for a monthly fee:

  • The ESPN3 player. ESPN is one of the best websites that offers almost perfect streaming videos. They provide international live streams in high definition without any pauses during the match. Their yearly billing is $149, monthly fee for watching online streams is $27, and a daily pass for watching an online match is $12.55.
  •‘s international live stream is my favorite. If you can afford it, this is the best quality picture you will get online. The NBA league pass offers for $114 a year, and a monthly fee is $13 and streaming of all the NBA matches, in HD quality.

I’ve been watching the Cavaliers, playing online for 3 years now and so far these are the most reliable websites. There are other websites offering the Cleveland Cavaliers live matches online. The reason I don’t recommend them is because the quality is very low, too many ads you have to close before you can watch the game, and after 20 minutes of the match the stream stops.

Watching basketball online will not give you the best experience, but it is a good alternative when you can’t watch the Cleveland Cavaliers on TV. Until you can afford a cable television or paying for a good online stream website, using any of these sites is your best option.