How To Stream ESPN2 on WatchESPN

According to the Wall Street journal, big cable companies are making an attempt to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of how the public watches video today. ESPN, in particular, acknowledges that their fans will stream more games online, eventually.

The Sports network has one primary strategy to accomplish this: via the free WatchESPN app. This app allows US cable subscribers to watch ESPN2 live online, as well as other ESPN content for free, provided they authenticate.

How to watch ESPN2 online stream

To begin with, you must have an active cable subscription that contains the ESPN package with one of the participating providers. Afterwards, you can watch ESPNU online, or any other ESPN content at on your PC, or via the WatchESPN app on your mobile devices.

You will have to pay the cable provider, since the ESPN Network makes its money by taking a fraction of that amount, and selling add space on their app, to give you the live feed for free. Apps are available for different devices including Android, iOS, Windows 8, Roku, Apple TV, and Xbox.

With the WatchESPN app, users can switch among 20 events in a primary viewing window, though this is not practical due to the limited bandwidth for most home viewers.

To access ESPN2 live stream for free via the WatchESPN app, the user must be subscribed to a cable service, like Verizon FIOS, Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable, or any other WatchESPN participating provider.

What it means to have the WatchESPN app

The app allows to access to access the recently completed events that are archived and availed on-demand. Additionally, the WatchESPN player features several modules including: Stats, to display statistics for the event being played; Featured Events, to show fans all highlighted live and upcoming events; Facebook Connect, for fans to access their Facebook profiles, post on their walls, and discuss with other fans about the event; and Chat 140, which enables fans to comment and interact with other fans during a live event.

Access to the ESPN 2 live stream implies that you will be able to see a multitude of major live events including NBA Basketball Games, MLB, NASCAR, and Major League Soccer, as well as studio programming, like various sports news and discussions.

ESPNews is similar to ESPN, offering a variety of live major events, while ESPNU offers more than 600 live events every year from over 26 Division I conferences like Big 12, Big Ten, Big East, ACC, and SEC. ESPNews was introduced to complement the increasing events in ESPN and ESPN2, by focusing on news and highlights.

Fans will also be able to watch ESPN Buzz Beater, which samples the best action in college basketball, particularly end-of-game situations. Fans can also access live look-ins, scores, highlights, and analysis every Saturday and Wednesday night.

Similarly, ESPN Goal Line features numerous live cut-ins a d highlights of the big NCAA College Football games every Saturday for the whole College Football season. Fans can see up-to-the-minute commentaries from ESPN experts and analysts.

The WatchESPN app will also give you access to ESPN3, which is an exclusive online channel that broadcasts lower-profile games like polo, rugby, and small-college athletics.

Stream ESPN Deportes online


Hispanic sports fans can also watch ESPN Deportes live on WatchESPN. This service was officially launched in August 2013, making both ESPNEWS and ESPN Deportees accessible online via the app. The latter channel is a leading multimedia brand for Spanish-language sports, dedicated to delivering the broadest variety of sports to all Hispanic sports in the US via TV, radio, print, online, and wireless.

In addition to catching Spanish sports on the WatchESPN app, fans can access ESPN Deportes+, which provides an all-inclusive offering of live-sport in Spanish on, available on PC, smartphones, Xbox and tablets.

This means access to over 117 hours of original content every week, including live events like the UEFA Europa League, Mexican League Soccer, Brazilian League Soccer, Caribbean Series, and Dutch League, among many others. Spanish-language sports fans can also watch live games via wireless devices on the brand’s emerging business, ESPN Deportes Mobile.

Blackouts on WatchESPN

While you will enjoy many major games on ESPN2 free live stream, WatchESPN is also subjected to blackouts. This applies to all telecasts sold locally or regionally for every conference, league, and local rights holder agreements, which are applicable to regional sports networks. If you are blacked out, just check your regional listings to find the TV network telecasting the event.

Watch ESPN2 online streaming on ESPN Player

You can only access the ESPN 2 stream on WatchESPN if you are within the United States. Canadians can watch live sports on TSN, while many countries in the rest of the world, including Europe (minus Italy), South America (minus Chile, Mexico and Brazil), the Middle East, Africa, and Australasia (minus Australia and New Zealand) can access ESPN live and on-demand streaming content via ESPN Player. Available sports include American Le Mans, X Games, US College Sports, and more.

ESPN allows sports fans outside the US to access sports action online and via tablet on a subscription basis, with day, weekly, monthly recurring, seasonal, and annual passes all available. To access the live stream for ESPN2 via ESPN Player, simply select a subscription that appeals to you and make a secure payment for your preferred package.

You will then be able to watch a live event, or access the archive to view an on-demand game on your PC by going to Alternatively, you can watch ESPN Player on your iPad by downloading the free ESPN Player app from iTunes store. You will require a subscription to log-in and access your account.

You may also be to watch espn2 live streaming on other websites for free by searching on your favorite search engine. There are many sites that claim to provide High Quality video streams, yet they freeze regularly, or fail to bring the feed, altogether.

There is no way of verifying the authenticity of a stream unless you checkout any comments posted by previous users, or stream the content to verify for yourself. The Cable subscription for WatchESPN is worth it for crazy sports fans in the US, but if you choose alternative means, be careful not to infect your PC or device with a virus or malware.