First Row Sports Live Streaming Website Review – Is it Legal?

Is First Row Sports Free? Yes … Is First Row Sports Legal? No. With that being said, you can still watch sports online for free, but you can now do it legally with Sling TV, Directv Now, Hulu and Playstation Vue. All of these online services offer a free trial period to brand new members.

 FirstRowSports is where you can view live sporting events online for free, but it is not legal and we’d rather you sign up to the top online streaming services that we’ve mentioned above for free.

 First Row Sports features all the sports you can think of, from mainstream sports like basketball, football, baseball and hockey to other less heralded sports like cricket and wrestling. You can watch NBA live on First Row Sports even if you don’t have subscription to NBA League Pass, and you can catch an NFL live stream anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable Internet connection. You can also watch soccer live stream on First Row, or catch a Futbol live stream on First Row.

 How to Watch Sports Online LEGALLY

Sling TV

Sling TV is a subscription video service, allowing you to watch all the great content from your favorite television channels. If you own a digital media player, a smart TV or a mobile device, this service could be perfect for you! Stream live television from channels such as BBC America or E! as well as a vast array of sports specific channels.

If you want to watch sport online free, Sling TV makes it easy for you! If you’ve been searching for a way to watch
live sports on channels such as the NFL Network or NBC Sports, Sling TV offers a variety of sports packages to help you in your quest for watching sports!

Sling TV has many free trial packages; right now they’re offering a 7 day free trial which will give you enough time to figure out if Sling TV is the right choice for you.


If it’s on demand sport you’re after, DirecTV has you covered! Whether you are a fan of college football or a keen
golfing superstar, you will find the channels that compliment your preferences. FOX College Sports and The Golf Channel are just a few of the sport specific channels that DirecTV NOW offers.

It couldn’t be easier, just subscribe for a package and get ultra high definition content streamed straight to your Apple TV, Amazon Fires TV or Chromecast. Watching sport couldn’t be easier on DirecTV NOW and this is a great example of how to watch live sports online free!

There are many different packages to choose from on DirecTV NOW; all of your other favorite channels such as HGTV, USA Network and National Geographic are included depending on the package you choose to suit your needs.

DirecTV NOW offers a great free trial period, 7 days for free when signing up for a paid subscription but don’t worry! You are able to cancel this subscription at anytime and it won’t cost you anything for trying it out!


Hulu is rated as one of the best and most cost effective streaming platform on the internet… and for good reason!
Hulu provides great options when it comes to channel surfing, giving you all your premium television shows, movies and sport.

Watch Live TV in real time from the comfort of your television, gaming devices and even mobiles and tablets; giving you the option to take your viewing anywhere and everywhere!

Missed your favourite show or sports game? No need to worry, Hulu has you covered! It’s packed with great On Demand content so you will never miss that show again! On Hulu, you will find premium content from channels such as E! and the USA Network.

If it’s sport you’re looking for, Hulu will show all your favorite games from The Big Ten Network, Fox Sports and ESPN so grab a beer and get the boys round to watch that football game!

Hulu is currently offering an amazing 30 day free trial with the option to cancel your plan or switch to another within this period. There really is no excuse not to try out Hulu, especially when you are getting a whole month of sport for free!

Playstation Vue

Don’t be fooled you definitely don’t need to own a Playstation to become a member of the Playstation Vue tribe! If
you own a smart TV, a mobile device or a digital media player you will be ready to stream brilliant HD content from Playstation Vue.

The great thing about this subscription service is that it allows you to stream all of your favorite content on up to 5 devices at any one time, allowing you to get more for your money and potentially sharing with your friends or family! If you start a subscription with Playstation Vue, you will have the option of a few different packages with ‘Access’ being the base package.

With the ‘Access’ package you will have unlimited access to stream your favourite sports channels such as ESPN and FS1 which is perfect for the occasional sports watcher and channel surfer.

If you are interested in more sports channel, Playstation Vue has an option for that with their many packages to suit your sporting needs the Core package is perfect for the fanatic who needs their sports fix every day!

Playstation Vue offers both a 5 day and a 7 day trial, depending on which package you signup for. Signing up for this trial is both commitment free and you are able to cancel your package option at any time.


Who said YouTube was just for video bloggers and gaming? YouTube has now launched a new service called YoutubeTV which brings you all the best in online, high resolution streaming to all your gadgets and electronics!

Watch your favorite cable channels like ABC, FOX and The Disney Channel in beautiful clarity. Streaming sports couldn’t be easier than with YoutubeTV, you will be able to watch live games from CBS, Fox Sports and ESPN.

If you choose to upgrade to a premium account you will have the option to add extra sports channels such as Fox Soccer Plus, for all the soccer heads out there! There is also great options to add UFC channels and the WWE
Network! YoutubeTV has implemented a great feature called Cloud DVR which allows you to never miss an episode of your favorite show or sports game again!

Cloud DVR gives you the option to record live TV shows, so you can watch them back at a later date! YoutubeTV is offering a 14 day trial which will definitely highlight everything this subscription service can offer you! You have the choice to cancel at any time, so why wouldn’t you want to test it out and find out how to watch live sports online free!

 Risk Factor in streaming illegal sites

 Since First Row Sports needs advertisements to make a profit, there will be times when you would accidentally click on one of its pop-up ads. This increases the likelihood that your computer will get a malware or adware that may compromise the security of your device. Malware and adware will also slow down your computer, and even expose you to threats like identity theft.

 You can decrease the chances of getting an adware or malware by equipping your computer with the latest anti-virus software. If you already have one, make sure that it is always updated.