Florida Gators Football Live Stream

For the most part, your best bet to watch a Gator game is by watching it live on TV. You can tune in to CBS or ESPN if they are featuring a Gator game live or check if your cable provider carries the new SEC Network which will launch on August 14. 2014.

But sometimes you may have no access to a TV, so you are limited to watching a Gator football live stream on either your PC or mobile device. This leaves you with several options:

Free Live Online Options

While it is very tempting to just use search the Web for info on how you can watch Florida Gators football online for free, this can be a somewhat futile exercise. And it may even be dangerous. US college football is very lucrative, and this means that the NCAA and the FBI are doing their best to stamp out these illegal websites. Most of these websites offer low quality content, and a few even have malware.

One option to watch Gator Football online live free, however, is to head to wiziwig.tv. The site offers a guide on how to do this. Basically, the site offers you links for websites that stream the game, and then you have to install the P2P program (such as Sopcast).

ESPN also offers a couple of options. You can go to ESPN website and watch the game online. Some ESPN channels will require that you have a cable subscription. ESPN3 only needs you have an Internet provider that’s affiliated with ESPN.

Another option is to download the WatchESPN app on the ESPN website. It’s free, and you’ll be able to watch the game on your mobile device or computer.

Paid Options

Many of the Gators games will be featured by the SEC network. So if you have to watch Florida football online, you’ll need to check out the digital extension on the SEC network website. But again, you’ll have to sign up with an affiliated provider. Since it’s new, SEC Network is still ironing out the kinks, but everything should be better by the start of the football season.

CBS will also offer a paid app, and since CBS shows SEC games which may feature the Florida Gators then you may want to consider downloading the app. It shows CBS Sports in general, and it will set you back $17.95.


While free online options are few and far between these days, watching replays of Gator games is relatively easy online. You can search the Internet for a torrent (type “Florida Gators game”) and it will show you torrent sites which contain the torrent for the game. You just need to download a torrent program like uTorrent, and then it will download the game from the PC of other users.

Another option is to simply visit the wiziwig.tv sports forum, click on the NCAA thread, and then look for the Florida game you missed. Then you’ll be given the link to the video of the game, located on a file-hosting website such as Rapidshare.

All these replay options are free, as they ought to be.