FOX Sports 1 Live Stream

Fox Sports 1 is a pay TV sports channel run by the Fox Sports Media Group. Since the channel was established in 2013, it has become known for its coverage of various sporting events including the Pac-12 Conference, European football, NASCAR, UFC, Major League Baseball and more. For those who want to watch Fox Sports 1 live stream, you may now do so on the following websites for free.

Listed here are 5 different ways to watch FS1 online

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best ways to watch live sports online free and you should definitely check it out! Generously offering a 7-day free trial, there’s simply no reason not to, and you can cancel any time! Alongside this amazing offer, Sling TV showcases mesmerizing high definition sports and television programming for your viewing pleasure.

All you have to do to use Sling TV is use some technology you probably already own! For example, a smart TV, digital app or a digital media player is all that’s needed to stream and use Sling TV – in no time you’ll be watching your favourite sports and TV shows.

With sporting programmers like CBS and Fox Sports, Sling TV delivers all the sport you could possibly need. If you want more than sport, Sling TV also showcases television programming channels such as AMC or ABC, ensuring there will be something for all of the family.


DirecTV NOW is another streaming service to help you watch your favorite sports and television programmers and is one of the best ways to watch live sports online free. Offering a fantastic 7-day free trial offer you should go try out DirecTV NOW immediately! If it isn’t for you, you can cancel your trial at any time.

Offering a huge catalogue of stunning high definition sports and television shows, not many streaming services compete with DirecTV NOW. Simply use your digital media player (such as a Roku digital media player), a smart TV or digital app and you’ll be streaming your favourite sports and TV in absolutely no time at all! With 3 different packages containing an array of sports, DirecTV NOW is the place for sports fanatics.

These packages contain channels such as ESPN, The Big Ten Network and Fox Sports and many more, delivering all the sport you could ever need. Even for the sports elitists, DirecTV NOW has specific sporting channels such as Sky Sports and Sportsnet. Last but not least, DirecTV also showcasing television programmers such as CNN and The Food Network, so you can guarantee there will be something that you’ll like!


Hulu brings the best in television, film and sports with channel options such as AMC and the Disney Channel. If you want to watch Hulu, all you will need is a digital media player, a smart TV or a computer – it could not be any easier! If you’re a sports head, you may enjoy the entire sporting channels Hulu has to offer. Choose from channels like FS1 and The Big Ten Network to watch all of your favorite sporting teams play in real time.

Hulu wants you to love the service so it is more than happy to offer you a free 30 day trial to see if this is the streaming platform for you. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time, so you get to test drive the hundreds of channels for free!

If you miss one of your favorite television programmers, you can use the On Demand service to catch up on programs you forgot to watch! Test drive Hulu today with your free 30 day trial.

Playstation Vue

Another easy way to watch sports online free is Playstations own streaming venture Playstation VUE. If you subscribe to a multi-channel subscription Playstation Vue offers a 5-day free trial or alternatively a 7-day free trial if you subscribe to a standalone channel package – two great deals which you can cancel any time!

Playstation Vue is easy to use, just use your smart TV, a digital media player such as an Amazon Fire stick or of course your Playstation 4! With the ability to stream on 5 different devices at the same time, Playstation Vue is a cut above the rest. Delivering quality content from sports channels to television shows and movies, anyone can find something they’re after using Playstation Vue.

For sports fanatics, it hosts sporting channels such as ESPN and NHL Sports Network allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite sports on a variety of devices. Playstation Vue offers two exclusive packages, the cheapest being ‘Access’ and the more premium being ‘Core’, both of which containing great quality content. With these packages and the generous free trials, Playstation Vue is definitely worth exploring.


Youtube’s very own streaming provider, YoutubeTV, is also a great way to watch sports online free. Offering an amazing 14-day free trial which can be cancelled as you please, it’s a fantastic streaming service worth checking out.

YoutubeTV allows you to watch quality programming channels such as CNN and FX, and alongside this delivers the best in sporting channels such as FS1 and The Big Ten Network. YoutubeTV uses Cloud DVR – a feature which allows you to record shows and sports events when you’re not in front of your device.

Now you have no excuse to ever miss a game again! Lastly, YoutubeTV offers a premium service for hardcore sports enthusiasts, delivering even more sporting and television content.

Why Can’t I Watch Live Stream?

There are a number of reasons why you are unable to stream media from these websites. For instance, if your computer network is behind a firewall you might find it next to impossible to get any form of streaming media. If that’s the case, you need to turn off your firewall or lower the settings.

It’s also possible that the problem has nothing to do with your computer but has to do with the origin of the stream. Fox Sports 1 stream feeds are very popular and lots of people may be logging in the website, so it’s a bit slow. In this case, you just need to be patient because the signal will clear up eventually.

Finally, you should remember that the Fox Sports 1 live streaming you’re getting on the web relies on the TV station. If there’s a problem with the signal or there’s a temporary glitch, there’s nothing you can do but wait. Fortunately, these problems are rare with Fox so you should be getting good signals most of the time.