How to Watch Sports Online


Did you know that about 10 percent of American TV owners have cancelled cable TV to cut down on household costs? In fact, statistics show that the number of households cutting the cable-cord doubles every year. This phenomenon can be extremely devastating for sports fanatics, since they would no longer have access to live sports, but there is an awesome solution: 24/7 live programming on WatchESPN.

Watching live games on a big screen TV is great, but it also has its inconveniences. For instance, you could have been waiting for your favorite game to be shown, only to realize that will not be broadcast in your region. Furthermore, cable companies and match organizers tend to dictate the games that can or cannot be watched on cable TV. With online sports streaming, there are no geographical or imposed factors that can keep you from receiving a live feed of your favorite sports.

The internet offers multiple ways to watch live Games Online, with a broad selection of matches to choose from, compared to standard cable TV. Paying for additional packages is not a solution. Instead, watch live NFL or MLB or any other game online for free, and as an added perk, view your email or chat on social media, simultaneously.

So, forget about going for that costly cable TV subscription package, and discover a way that you can Stream NBA Games online free. There are multiple providers who give new meaning to on-demand sports viewing, some requiring you to download and install PC or mobile device software so that you can stream. The following is a list of popular free live sports streaming providers divided into two categories: those that provide direct streaming, and those that stream through software.

Here are 5 ways to stream live TV online legally:

SlingTV: this is one of the most recommended sites for people who want to try a different option of watching entertainment in a reasonable price. Sling TV is a relatively new service (started working in 2015) of streaming that allows viewers to enjoy their favorite TV shows in their TVs, computer and mobile devices.

People could enjoy having a 30-day free trial period before buying a package, however, that changed and now people have only a 7-day free trial period to see if they want to buy the service.

Another important fact to mention about Sling TV is that their kit only costs 20 USD per month, a relatively economic price to enjoy your favorite shows with some major channels included like HBO. For the sports fans, with extra 5 USD per month in their service, they can enjoy their sports extra package with a great variety of extra sports channels.

DIRECTV: this is one the most know services throughout the world, since is one of the biggest and oldest entertainment services. But now, one of the biggest companies is now also merging into the internet platform as well, DIRECTV has a service called DIRECTV PLAY, in which you can enjoy their scheduling on their movies, live sports, and children shows on the commodity on your cellophane, tablet and other devices 24 hours a day without any additional charge.

To enjoy this service, people need to subscribed on the DIRECTV package and to have your bills paid on time and if you have prepaid service, you must have positive balance on your account, and even though, the service is completely free, you need to have a premium subscription to enjoy HBO GO and FOX APP content. Also, to be allowed to use this service, you need to be subscribed to MiDIRECTV.

HULU: this is also a well known service that allows viewers to have well fare amount of entertainment in their mobile devices, computers and also, TV.

This service works as any other streaming service, however, tend to keep their content separated, so, people won’t be able to see movies at the same time you are watching TV shows; also, Hulu can customize your main page, according to the type of show and time you spend watching it, it create a list of favorites that appears on the top of your main page, it also recommends shows for you according to the shows you watch.

Before, there was an option in which you could use this service for free, you could watch a limited amount of streams in exchange for watching some ads, sadly, this is over, this service cost around 8 USD for their basic set but they do offer their first month for free, you can pay 11 USD to enjoy their programming free of ads and to watch some live TV in which includes main channels and sport channels, you can buy their package for 40 USD.

Playstation Vue: this service was launched by Sony as a way to offer cable TV for costumers on their computers who own playstation 3 and playstation 4.

Users are able to watch TV content on their devises under any additional charge on their TV bill; also, it allows users to watch their favorite show even after three days they were on without the necessity of being previously recorded. This service offers up to 75 channels of the main stations like FOX and Discovery and it is available on iPad tablets.

With this service, costumers are able to pause their shows at any time without missing anything. On the pricing on their own individual service, people can pay to watch sports and premium channels for 75 USD with a 5 day trial for free and also, 50USD to watch popular live TV and sports with also a 5 day trial for free.

YOUTUBE TV: as we all know, youtube is one of the biggest platforms to watch any kind on digital video content in the planet, it is also a place in which a great deal of people make their income by uploading their own videos about almost any subject there is to discuss.

However, for those who enjoy also some regular TV, there is a platform called Youtube TV in which people can enjoy regular TV show, live streaming and sports channels for free for one entire moth for free by the moment they subscribe, the cost of this service after the first month for 35 USD.

This service also allows you to use three different devices at the same time, just make sure you are using your correct time zone and location at the moment you want to watch an important sport event.

Watch online games on iPhone or iPad for free


Top Providers of Direct, Live Sports Streaming

There are very few services that permit sports fans to watch sports online, but it is likely that they will be a few more options for free live streaming sports online, in the future. It is unfortunate that some of the available sites for live streaming are not trusted by the public.

However, there are a few that have regular visitors, and can be classified as reputable sports streaming sites that offer real streaming without requiring you to do a survey, or download a toolbar or malware. The only thing you may be required to download is Adobe flash Player, which is spyware free. The following are some of the most popular sites to watch free sports online:

 WatchESPN or ESPN3 or ESPN2


This option is only available for US based subscribers, since it works in conjunction with a cable package from the conventional cable provider. If you get connected, it should be your preferred online sports streaming option. WatchESPN offers High Definition, 24/7 live programming from ESPN networks on the web, mobile, and game systems, including Xbox One and 360, Roku, and Apple TV.

No extra costs are incurred for fans with subscriptions to their partner high-speed internet service providers, as well as US college students and US based military personnel on on-base military networks and on-campus educational networks.

To start watching, simply download the WatchESPN app at Amazon App Store, App Store, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Google Play Store, and Roku Channel Store. You will then be prompted to select your TV provider, enter your TV subscription – username and password- then enjoy the game.

Advantages of Watching Sports online

It is evident that there are several reliable providers of free sports streaming, but what would impel you to watch your favorite sport online as opposed to on cable TV?

  • First, online streaming gives you access to a wide variety of games. How many times have you turned on your TV set only to find that the match you were anticipating is not being broadcast in your area? If you choose to stream MLB Live online for free, this will cease to be a problem. There are numerous, diverse games available online at no extra cost, besides the fee for your Internet service provider.
  • Secondly, the streams are available in high definition, which means that you can enjoy high quality images, in even the fast games, like basketball and motor racing. However, some streams are not very clear, but you can always find one that delivers pleasurable viewing.
  • Thirdly, watching sports online provides comfort and convenience. You do not incur an additional fee, which means that you get more entertainment without hurting your budget. Compared to cable, which requires you to pay, yet it does not show everything that you would like to see, it is certainly more convenient.
  • Fourthly, streaming from a reliable website gives you the confidence that your PC or mobile device will not be infected with a virus. If you use legit and highly recommended resources, the threat for viruses and malware drastically reduces, so you do not have to be concerned with the optimal performance of your devices.

 Can you watch any live sports game online?

Unlike cable, which provides a limited number of stations based on your subscription package, you can actually watch just about any live sport online. However, this depends on the website that you are using. The websites mentioned above offer live sports streaming for only the major games in the US.

This means that you should not be concerned about missing a live golf stream, or any other major sport. However, there are some sites that do not stream all international sports. So, you may have to search for a provider that offers more international sports streaming than local sports, if you wish to view live sports in other nations.

The online sports landscape is definitely set to keep growing, but it has to be innovative to avoid seizure by Homeland Security. Considering that it offers quality entertainment on a budget, and the assurance that you can always stream a live cricket match, NFL or baseball game online for free, more people are set to drop their cable packages for total-online entertainment, unless you have a fantastic cable package.