Watch LA Clippers Basketball Games Online

According to Sporteology, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is America’s third most popular sport.
I found that a little difficult to believe but it is true.
National Football League is number one and Major League baseball comes in second as America’s national pastime!

That information helped me to understand how and why those sports channels and season packages
can be so expensive. The average sports fan can view all of their favorite team’s games if they don’t mind the cost.

My son and I watched whomever was playing on regular television years ago. I have to admit we missed quite a few of our teams play.
He had a favorite team just like I had one when I was a tween.
I was born in Philadelphia, PA. and grew up watching the 76ers play. My cousins and I would save up all of our
money to go see a game. Julius Irving a.k.a. Dr. J was the player we desired to see!

Thanks to cable and the internet you can be a loyal die hard fan. Technology helps us to keep up with the stats and the schedule of our team. Did you know Derek Jeter is launching a website that helps the fans/ media get closer to the athletes and their team?

It happened on a Sunday during the NBA play-offs last year. My sisters and I were watching the pregame highlights of the LA Clippers!
My daughter loves Chris Paul and I love them all. The rain and thunder had started just minutes before the game.
We waited patiently for pizza to be delivered as the lightening lit up the darkness outside.
Finally, we were scrambling for our favorite slices when the room filled with darkness.
Whew! Thank God! The lights are back on now.

Wait! Something is not right! Is it the remote?
The television is not working! Please! No! What’s wrong?
We can’t get the television on…………
What happened?

My sister checked her iPhone to see if we still had access to the internet. She said maybe we can stream the game onto
my laptop. My mind spiraled out of control with questions. I am not a technical wizard. I never heard of streaming.
Deep breathing helped me to remain calm so that I could learn more about this STREAMING and see the game.

What is streaming? How much will that cost? Will I need a special gadget or some kind of
device to do that? So many questions, so little time. Is it possible? Will I be able to watch the Clippers game online?

First I went on Google to do a search. There were quite a few but I used
Magnificent, you should have seen and heard our excitement as we gazed at the site.
The pictures of some of our favorite basketball players almost leaped out of the screen.

The second step was super easy too!
All it requires is that you have a plugin and you are live. I couldn’t believe it was that simple.
Plugins like Flash or Java come with Firefox which I use. Just add one or turn one on that you already have a don’t have to download.
The absolute best part of the entire experience came in the form of an announcement.

I couldn’t contain my joy when I read this on the screen as I was plugging in.
This is what I saw:
‘This is a free site. If you have been directed here from a paying site, please ask them for a refund.’

Watch free sports streams live on your PC, tablet or phone at vip league.
Free, yes, free is what I am always worried about. I do not watch sports enough to justify paying so much for it.
Furthermore, did we not already pay for internet service?

We all huddled closer together on my sofa with our eyes fixated on my lap top. The aerial view of the Staple Center filled the
screen as the noise of the fans raised our anxiety level. The second quarter just started!

They were playing the LA Lakers. That is always a nice match-up!
I like the Portland Trailblazers. Clippers will be playing them October 12th. I will be streaming that game!

Entertainment is a multi billion dollar industry. We pay for it in so many ways it’s not funny.
We buy the products these athletes promote or endorse.
We are paying the taxes on the Stadiums where they practice and play.
I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

I figured out why the Apple iPhone 6 was designed with a wider bigger screen.
That will make it easier to view the LA Clipper games live or whatever else you want to stream.