LA Lakers Live Stream

The Los Angeles Lakers is a professional basketball team that plays in the NBA, and it is one of the most popular in the world. The team has won 16 NBA championships and they are among the league’s biggest draws. For fans who want to watch LA Lakers livestream, you can now do so at the websites listed below.  

NBA Stream

This website is not just a place to watch the Lakers but also all the big games taking place in the league, both in regular season and the playoffs. If you have never been to this website before, follow this guide.

  • Go to NBA Stream
  • On the homepage you’ll see links to the games available for streaming.
  • Go through the list until you find the Lakers game. Click the link to the game.
  • To watch LA Lakers live, close the ads that pop up, and close the ads that are covering the video player. Just look for the “x” and close the window.
  • The video stream should play now.

If the video doesn’t play, reload the page and try it again. Sometimes the stream slows down when there is a heavy demand among users.  If the link you tried does not work, just use another one and see if the stream is more responsive.


Stream2u.TV is a website that covers a wide range of sports including basketball, baseball, football and many others. Fortunately, the process of watching is the same for all sports so once you have it figured out, you can watch anything you want here.

  • Go to If you don’t end up at the basketball page, click the “basketball – NBA” link at the top of the page.
  • You will be taken to the basketball page where you’ll see links to all the games that are available for streaming.
  • Look for the Lakers game for the day and click it. A link or links to the game will be available. Click one to watch the game.
  • If you want to watch other games, click the link for the match and choose from the live streaming options available.

You can only watch LA Lakers online here during the NBA season and if the Lakers are still playing. During the off season or if there are no games, the listing will be empty. Also bear in mind that the site is updated on a constant basis so you need to visit often and check if there have been any changes to the way you watch streams.

NBA Live Online

NBA Live Online is, as the name suggests, a website that broadcasts NBA games including the Lakers. To watch games here, use this guide.

  • Go to the link provided.
  • A list of the NBA teams will appear. Click the Lakers and you will be taken to the streaming link.
  • If you want to watch other games, either click the name of the team or go to “NBA Live Streaming”.

There’s also a link to replays on the site, team standings and more. There are quite a number of ads on the website, but just follow the instructions given above and you should be able to watch the stream without any problem. If you click a link and a pop up window opens, close it.

Also, make sure that you click only the links to the game and not any of the ads that tell you to download or install this or that application. Those ads will take you nowhere, so just follow the instructions here.

Sports Hunter

Sports Hunter is a website that streams HD content for free, and the site covers different sports like basketball, baseball, Moto GP, WWE and more. If you want to watch the Lakers here, here’s how you do it.

  • Go to Sports Hunter.
  • If the Lakers are in the playoffs, just click “NBA Playoffs”, but if it’s the regular season, click “basketball”.
  • Ignore the ads you see and click the match link. To watch LA Lakers streaming just wait for the streaming service to commence.

You can follow these same basic steps if you want to watch the other sporting events that are streamed on this website. Keep in mind that the content on this site is dependent on the schedule of the games, so during off season don’t expect any Laker game links.

Fixing Common Problems with Online Streaming

Most of the time these streaming services work automatically and you should not encounter any problems watching the Lakers on your computer. In a few instances however, problems might arise due to a number of reasons. However, there are fixes and measures that you can try.

If your computer is slowing down when you stream, it’s probably because you have too many applications open. In this case you need to close all unnecessary apps so your browser can use all the resources available and run faster. Shutting down those resource hungry apps, whether you’re using a mobile device, desktop or laptop, should resolve slowdown problems.

It also goes without saying that you need a fast Internet connection for live streaming especially if there’s a huge demand for it. Even if you have a powerful PC with lots of RAM, it won’t be of much help unless you have a fast Internet connection. In addition, an LA Lakers stream would suffer if your connection is unreliable, resulting in skips and stops. Also, remember that the quality of the stream depends on its point of origin, so even a fast Internet connection is no guarantee.

There’s another thing you need to remember, and it’s that websites that provide LA Lakers live streaming might use different formats, so unless your player recognizes it, you won’t be able to watch anything. That’s the reason why often you need to upgrade your player so there will be no problems viewing the feed.