How To Watch College Football Online

Finding a website that provides live college football streaming for free does not necessarily have to be a difficult thing to do. Basically, all you have to do is search on your favorite search engine for links offering college football live streaming for free, while being cautious of phony sites that install malware or infect your PC or smartphone.

With just about 10% of college football games being broadcast on TV as opposed to cable stations, it is necessary for college football fans to have a list of several places where they can watch college football live streaming online for free. Fortunately, NCAA has a variety of V partners, some of whom broadcast their games for free online.

ABC offers the highest number of games, which are often the most interesting ones, as well. NBC broadcasts all home games involving Notre Dame, and simulcasts the same games online for free.

CBS, on the other hand, streams six SEC games at the start of the season, while FOX Sports online streaming service offers only three oddball games. ESPN also broadcasts many college football games on Saturdays and a few prime-time games within the week, and you can watch them online as long as you have a cable subscription.

How to watch college football without cable

If you want to access NCAA football games live in real-time but don’t have an active cable subscription, the following are a good place to start your research:

ABC Live Online Streaming

If you live in ABC’s target areas, which include Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, New York City and Southern California, you are lucky enough to watch ABC college football online. The ABC network is providing their live coverage online via web browser, and iOS and Android devices.

Every time you attempt to access ABC’s online stream, the service checks your location before giving you access to the live video feed.

So, if you find yourself in NYC for a business trip, you can enjoy streaming live college football games or anything else on ABC Online, for the duration of your stay.

Replay Videos & Highlights On ESPN3

ESPN is authorized to broadcast about 44 percent of the college football games played per season, some of which are streamed via ESPN3. While the games broadcast on ESPN3 are usually not the greatest ones, many providers allow users to log on and stream these games on their PCs without the requirement for a cable subscription or any charges.

WatchESPN Simulcasts ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU

The basic cable package usually includes ESPN and ESPN2 channels, which collectively account for nearly 80 percent of all college football broadcasts on ESPN networks.

As the official online streaming channel for ESPN, WatchESPN provides broadband high definition video streams of nearly all college football games broadcast on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU that are being broadcast in your geographic region, as well as games streaming in other markets and regions.

If your cable TV subscription is still active, you can stream the games for free on WatchESPN, using the same login details to access your online account. If you have cable login details to stream any other cable TV webcast, you can use the same username and password to stream on

Users can stream these games live on, or check them out later on-demand. This package also gives football fans access to popular pre-game and highlight events and shows, such as “College Football Live” and College Game Day”. Blackout restrictions still apply occasionally, though you should still have access to a massive selection of more than 350 games per college football season.

The quality of your video stream mainly depends on your internet connection – available bandwidth – though the stream resolution is exceptional when viewed in high definition.

Another great attribute of WatchESPN is the ability to stream four live games simultaneously on a single screen on the big game days, using the picture-in-picture feature.

There is an Android and iOS WatchESPN app for streaming on smartphones and tablets. In addition, ESPN has an ESPN College Football app that provides video alerts of highlight game plays and customizable scoreboards that help you to keep track of your favorite football games. You can also access the WatchESPN app via the ESPN app to stream live college football games.

Considering that ESPN broadcasts the BCS National Championship, WatchESPN would be the ideal online site to stream BCS Championship games live for free.

CBS Sports U live


You have probably heard of the move by major big athletic conferences, like the SEC and the Big Ten, and various teams, to start their very own regional cable channels that will broadcast all their in-conference games. It would be fantastic if this package was available online too, and this is what CBS has done.

CBS Sports ULive provides an online platform that aggregates all the one-off-conference TV networks into one single-purchase online product. CBS Sports ULive provides live audio and video college football games of over 130 schools, and features games from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Network, the Big Ten Digital Network, and a variety of other school/conference-specific TV channels.

Simply put, CBS Sports ULive covers all the games that are not available on ESPN, especially the smaller-tier schools. As mentioned before, this is a paid subscription service that goes for $17.95 per month, and $129.95 for the annual subscription.

In addition to live football streams, CBS Sports ULive subscribers also have access to other streams like college football live interviews, press conferences, as well as regular daily video updates, like reports on your favorite team’s pre-practice stretch routine.

This makes this subscription particularly ideal for die-hard college football fans, though many games are only available and audio-broadcasts (no video stream), which can be a little disappointing. Furthermore, the broadcast schedules are not available as the season kicks off, which implies that you have to keep checking to find out if the game you want to stream will be broadcast as a video or audio feed.

CBS Sports ULine is accessible on a web browser, and as an app. You can check it out with their free one-week-long trial period, to see the games not available on other networks, like those by ACC, SECBig 10 and Pac 12, but remember to cancel before you are charged, after one week.

It is also important to note that the conferences have their own Android and iOS app for streaming their games. So, you can download the Big Ten app, the ACC app, the Pac12 app, or any other that you are interested in. To stream college football games on any of these apps, you need a seasonal subscription at $7.99.