How To Watch Horse Racing Online

Horse racing is among the oldest sports whose basic premise –two or more jockeys riding horses over a set course compete against each other to identify which horse is the fastest – has remained unchanged over the centuries. There are many different horse racing events in different countries around the world, including the US, the UK, and Australia.

These races vary in format, since each country has established their own racing traditions. For instance, you will find some countries restricting races to specific breeds, running jockeys over varied distances, running over obstacles, running on a variety of gaits, and racing on different track surfaces. If you enjoy watching horse racing, then the ideal place to follow the different kinds of races around the world is by watching horse racing online.

There are several reliable places where fans can access horse racing live streams online at no cost or at a small fee, including the following:


In a variety of events, horse racing is primarily a pure sport for entertainment, but a key part of the sport’s interest and fiscal importance is associated with gambling, which generated an international market worth about USD 115 billion in 2008. In this regard, some of the popular places to stream horse racing live online, is in gambling sites, like TwinsPires or offers its registered users the opportunity to watch live horse racing online for free, while receiving up-to-the-minute live data for those interested in placing bets. Since the primary focus of the site is betting, users can only access near real-time live video feeds of every race, in addition to live handicapping and wagering information.

Live racing is a fun sport, whether you place a wager or not, and Twinspires TV will bring you live action at more than 300 racetracks in the United States and around the world with high quality video streaming. Fans are also granted exclusive access to major horse racing events, like the entire Triple Crown – comprising Preakness stakes, the Belmont Stakes, and Kentucky Derby, Breeders Cup, and TwinSpires Handicapping Open. That said, you need to create an account to have some privileges, like streaming live events, and that requires you to make a minimum deposit of $50.

The WatchESPN web base application covers a multitude of sports and allows fans to access live streams and replays of a wide variety of international games and matches via PC and mobile devices. On the ESPN website, you can select the horse racing menu item to access horse racing news, official results, and other racing info. You can also select the “live horse racing” option to go to the live racing page, which is actually a partnership between ESPN and TwinsPires TV.

You will be required to activate your account to access free live racing from the best tracks in the US for up to 30 minutes per day. Once you activate your Twinspires account on ESPN, you will be able to keep track of up to 5 tracks at once within your viewing window. Additionally, you will be granted free access to the expansive free race replay library, free handicapping information from, and real-time racing and program information, including pools, exotics, live odds, probables, and will-pays.

 Wiziwig TV

This is among the top sites for streaming live sports online. It is very simple to navigate, and provides multiple links for each sporting event. Wiziwig aggregates events links to peer-to-peer channels from different parts of the world, including those for individuals viewing horse racing events, allowing fans to access live horse racing video online for free. To watch horse racing online on Wiziwig, go to the website and select “Live Sports” menu at the top. The page that opens has a list of sports categories at the top, but since the race horsing category is not there, just choose “Other” to access the schedule of other sports events.

You can narrow the list to horse racing events using the drop down combo-box. Every race has multiple streams that provide basic information about them, like bitrates and signal strength. Such info is useful in selecting a stream that is more suitable for your internet connection. The info is particularly important for fans with slower internet connection. Fans can stream online, or via external software, like Sopcast and AceStream, or Skyfire for iOS devices.


VIPBox TV is a safe platform where you can enjoy live horse racing streaming online. The site also provides a variety of other sports and international matches. This is a very popular platform among sports fans because if its easy-to-use interface, which is characterized by clear, pictured icons that help users to identify the sport they are looking for.

The simplicity of the site allows it to load very fast, which means that you can access the video feed with minimal delays, though you still have to get past the ads to view the race. There are horse racing events from different parts of the world, including South Africa, the US, the UK, and Australia. To find the race that you intend to stream, simply go to and select the racing icon. This will take you to a page with a list of scheduled races. There are many races, so click on the link for the race you want to stream, and enjoy the free video feed.

Stream2Watch is a great website that allows sports fan to locate horse racing and all sort of sports pretty easily. All links for live sports events are listed on the homepage, which makes it easy to spot on-going matches, and those scheduled for to begin in a few hours. All you have to do is click on a match link and close the ads to watch cricket live.

The site also offers a variety of other functionalities, like the option to open the race in a new window, or view the video streams at a later time, among other capabilities. Stream2Watch is well maintained with regular updates of ongoing events and necessary services, so you can easily follow horse racing events.

There are several other places for you to access horse racing live stream online, especially betting sites, where you can place your wager as you enjoy the race.