Longhorn Network Live Stream

If you are a fan of Texas Longhorn football, then a subscription to the Longhorn Network is an absolute must. While it shows 24 hours of various Longhorn sports, come football season it’s all about football. You really can’t afford to miss a game, not if you plan on staying true to your team.

Legal Internet Options

But sometimes crap happens, and you can’t get to a TV in time. There’s no reason to panic just yet. First you just have to make sure that you are a subscriber to a cable service provider that offers the Longhorn network.

If you already are a subscriber, then you’re ready. You can now watch Longhorn Network online through your computer or mobile device. Just download the Longhorn Network App from iTunes. It’s free. Just log-in with the user name and password given by your cable service provider.

If you are already a Google Fiber user, you don’t even need to be a cable TV subscriber. You can also watch Longhorn Network live.

Of course, not everyone has a subscription to the Longhorn Network, since there are some cable service providers who still don’t carry it. But that doesn’t really mean that you have to do without watch a Longhorns football game.

Justin TV

This Justin TV website doesn’t really have a sterling reputation for respecting copyright laws, so it may not always be up all the time. But then again, it always comes back. Just sign up, and then type “longhorn” on the search bar. That will give you a list of results of people broadcasting the Longhorn Network content. Click on a channel, and enjoy. It really is that simple, and that’s why back in 2013 it was estimated that people in the US watched more hours of Justin TV videos than they watched YouTube videos. All you need is a flash player, and you’re good to go. If you are using a mobile phone, you can use the Skyfire browser to emulate flash.

First Row Sports

This is another website that’s not really all that impressed with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. But it is an international website, so when the US government takes it down it rises up like the proverbial zombie. You can’t always find it in the same html address online, and the original version has a lot of ads for you to contend with. You have to be patient and close them down every time they pop up.

However, there are several other versions of First Row Sports where the ads aren’t as obnoxious. You can find them at http://gofirstrow.eu/, or http://xn--frstrowsports-39b.eu/. There may still be some ads here and there, and of course there may be ads at the beginning of the Longhorn Network streaming. But’s that’s no different than the ads placed in YouTube videos.

Again, all you need is flash player on your computer or the Skyfire browser on your mobile phone. You may be asked to download and install plugins, but you need to be careful. Some of them may be malware. Make sure you have the latest updated antivirus and antimalware programs installed on your device.

The Longhorn Network live stream won’t be perfect, and now and again it may freeze. You’ll just need to refresh the page after you close the ads. If the problem is too much for you, just choose another stream to watch.


A visit to VIP Box will give you lots of categories to choose from, and come football season there’s always a category for American football. Click on that, or simply search for the game you want by typing “longhorn” on the search bar. During football season, there’s virtually always a channel with Longhorn Network live streaming. Longhorn fans are known to be that passionate.

Now the ads here at VIP Box are truly world-class annoying, but you have to be really patient. Just close them as they appear. Sometimes they may automatically send you to another website, but just press the back button.

There’s also a trick involving pressing the right “x”. Specifically, you the click the “x” which doesn’t say “click to close the JavaScript”. You can then press the bottom right of the video to view it in full screen, and the popups won’t bother you then.


This is another website similar to VIP Box, and during football season the American football category will be full of college games streaming to your computer. Since the Texas Longhorns football team is among the most popular in the nation, you’ll be able to find a Longhorn Network stream among the links.

The video quality is about on par with VIP Box, but Feed2all is notoriously prone to freezing. You’ll also need the latest version of Media Player.


This is like looking things up in a torrent site, and of course you will need the right software to download and view the stream. Fortunately, info about the program will be included, such as the download link and installation instructions.

There’s also a great section in wiziwig.tv where you can just simply download the game once it’s over. While it may not be live, you can watch the game in glorious HD.

Ustream Sports

This is another website which offers streaming services as well. There’s a section for providers, but since you are a viewer you just need to go to http://www.ustream.tv/explore/sports and look for the Longhorns game you want to watch. All you need is a flash player, and you can just sit back and relax.

As you can see, you still have lots of options, and they’re all free. You don’t really need to feel guilty about watching without paying. The Texas Longhorns are the most valuable team in the country at $139 million, so they can afford to let you watch it for free.