LSU Football Live Stream

Louisiana State University has one of the most popular football teams in the country, so it’s hardly surprising that a lot of people want to watch an LSU football live stream. The good news is you have a lot of options available if you want to watch their games. Not only can you watch the games streaming live free, but replays and highlights are also available online.

Sites to Watch LSU Football Free

If you want to watch LSU football games on the Internet for free, you can go to where CBS airs a free football game every week. While it doesn’t always feature an LSU football live game, chances are the Tigers will be featured if it’s a big one.

If you want another alternative, you can visit, one of the oldest and most popular sites for streaming various sporting events, including college football. Once you get to the site, it’s pretty easy to navigate and you can see the tabs and links arranged neatly on the page. Aside from being constantly updated, Wiziwig has very few ads, something you almost never see with sites that offer LSU game live streaming.

Aside from Wiziwig you have a lot of other options available online including First Row Sports. Between the two, First Row Sports seems to be the more popular option, but in terms of college football content both are the same. Aside from live streams of the games, you can also watch highlights or even full game replays on YouTube.

Getting the Most from Free Online Streaming Services

While watching free streaming of LSU games is always nice, it isn’t the most convenient and access can be difficult at times. If you find the stream slowing down or getting distorted, try reloading the page. If the stream isn’t smooth or there’s buffering, it could be your Internet connection is not sufficient. In that case, stop any other activities you’re doing online (like downloading while streaming) so the LSU football live stream gets full use of the bandwidth.

Paid Subscription Options

If you’re not satisfied with the free streaming services you’re getting, you can opt for paid subscriptions. Yes you’ll have to pay a monthly fee in most cases, but you don’t just get access to LSU live stream but also other college and professional football games. One such service is the Skyfire Web Browser for the iPad. The app costs $5, and once you have it you can watch practically all LSU and other college or NFL games. The video quality is good, and the audio works fine as well, making it a good option.

If you prefer to watch LSU football live on the official YouTube channel you can go to where you can watch highlights and breakdowns of all their games. In addition, the Tigers have a mobile app for Android and iOS. Both apps are free and provide plenty of information, but just like other apps however, premium / pay service is required for video on demand.