Michigan Wolverines Live Stream

Figuring out how to watch Michigan football live online isn’t as hard as you might think. As the information below will show, there are several websites that offer free streaming not just of University of Michigan football games but also replays, highlights and news about the team. If you have never tried these online services before, now is a good time to do so.

Websites with Free College Football Stream Feeds

One of the most popular free streaming services available today is www.wiziwig.tv. The site may look archaic, but the content is updated daily and there are links to American and big college football games available. You also can watch Michigan football streaming over at www.vipbox.tv and www.neolive.net.

Two other live stream sites are worth mentioning, www.ustream.tv/new/explore/sports and Justin.tv. These are both user driven sites so the content depends on what is being uploaded by their users. But if there’s a big game going on, you should have no problems finding a live stream of Michigan football on any of these sites.

Many of these sites are based in Europe with a lot of Euro centered games. However, they also have links to ESPN and other major US networks that carry college football games so you can watch there.

If you’re more interested in the highlights or replay, you can go to the official website. Or you can go to YouTube  and watch the team’s highlights, streams, replays and news. This is just one YouTube channel and there are many more available which you can find by using the site’s search feature.

Mobile Apps

Just like other football teams, Michigan has an app for the Android and the iOS. Both apps are free to download but you have to pay $2.99 every year to avail of the premium services on the iOS.

The official app on Android is a bit different, since it isn’t just for the Wolverines but for University of Michigan Sports. The yearly subscription fee for the Android app is $4.99 and for that you’ll get a live stream of Michigan football and other Michigan teams. You also get play by play, live scoring, news alerts and more, and many of these features are also available on the iTunes app.

Paid Steaming Options

All the major networks covering football games have “free” apps, but they’re not really free in the real sense of the word.  The apps from ESPN, NBC and CBS don’t charge anything for the download. But if you want to watch the game for free you must have an Internet subscription with one of the network’s partners.

NBC covers most Notre Dame College football games, and you can stream at stream.nbcsports.com/liveextra or if you are mobile, on the iOS and Android.

If you’re more interested in the conference network apps you can download the BIG Ten Network app for the Android and iOS, and you can watch Michigan football online there for a onetime fee. Note that the games covered here are not limited to college football but also includes basketball as well.