Mizzou Football Live Stream

Mizzou fans must really be excited this 2014 season for their football team. The University of Missouri Football participation is just in its third year in the SEC Eastern Division, but the Tigers ended up #5 in the nation last year, posting an 11-2 record on the way to an SEC East title and beating Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl Classic.

The best way to watch Mizzou football live is of course to show up in the football stadium, but cable TV is great too. But if those two options are not available, the only option remaining is to watch Mizzou football online. And to do that, you either have to be very patient, or you have to spend a bit of money.

The Official Websites and Apps

You’d think that going to the official Mizzou Tigers website is the best option but a closer inspection reveals that the free content doesn’t really focus on football a lot. Football is a lucrative business, so for Mizzou football highlights you may have to fork out $9.95 for a Mizzou Network monthly subscription.

A lot of the content is pushed forward to CBS Sports Online, and you can download the CBS app instead. This gives you access to the CBS SEC game, and then you can watch the Mizzou game live if they are featuring it.

You may also be lucky to watch Mizzou football live stream on ESPN3. If your Internet provider is affiliated with ESPN3, then you can just log on the page and watch on your PC. If it’s on another ESPN channel, you can watch the live stream once you prove that your cable provider carries ESPN. You can also download the WatchESPN app on the site for free, and it will enable you to watch the live stream on your mobile.

Free Options

The new SEC Network will be able to offer a lot more SEC games, and those will invariably include Mizzou football games. If your Internet provider is affiliated with the network (AT&T U-verse, DISH, Google Fiber and NRTC), then you may be able to watch the game live online. You may also go to the SEC Network digital platform if your cable provider includes the SEC Network.

Then there is wiziwig.tv, which offers you a way to watch the stream online for free as well. This will entail downloading and installing P2P software. The website will provide the links, and then specify which software you have to download to watch the game online.

Don’t just Google “Mizzou football live” and expect something worthwhile. Most of these sites offer substandard streams, and malware is a very definite possibility.


Wiziwig.tv also has a sports forum where other members put up links to file-hosting sites where they have downloaded the recorded sports games.

Your other free replay option is to Google torrent sites for recently concluded Mizzou football games. Find the link on the torrent sites, and then download the file by using torrent software like uTorrent.