NBC Sports Extra Live Stream

Now NBC offers a service for you to watch NBC Sports coverage from selected NBC, NBCSN, and Golf Channel programs and games. This service is called NBC Sports Live Extra although you can just refer to it as Extra Live. You can access the NBC Sports Extra Live live stream by downloading the NBC Live Extra app from either iTunes or Google. If the game or program is from one of the cable channels, you need to have a cable subscription to a cable service that carries NBCSN. You then use the username and password you use in your cable provider website to log in to watch NBC Sports Extra Live live on your tablet or smartphone.

If however, the game is on NBC, then you can watch NBC Sports Extra Live online without a cable subscription. But you need to be within the US borders because of broadcasting regulations.

So if you are abroad or if you don’t have the right cable subscription, it may seem that you have a problem if you want to watch NBC Sports Extra Live online. But this is a problem with several ready solutions.


Try out VIP Box TV for size. This website shows how easy it is to get NBC Sports Extra Live streaming, but it also demonstrates several typical problems of watching live streams. Searching for the NBC Sports Extra Live stream is easy, as long as you know what sport is playing. Then you just click on the right category on the website, and then click on the particular game you want to watch. You’ll be able to see a few channel options to choose from.

But first you will have to deal with the ads, because they pop up constantly. You can always close them as they appear. Some of them may even automatically lead your browser to a different website, which you can correct by clicking back. Other smaller popup ads may also appear as well. One of the tricks you may try is to click the special “x” within the regular “x” on the ads. You don’t click on the regular “x” which says “click to lose JavaScript”. Instead, you need to deftly maneuver the cursor so that you can click the x without this message.

That may give you enough time to click on the bottom right of the NBC Sports Extra Live live streaming so that you can watch in full screen. That will stop the onslaught of ads from disturbing your viewing.

First Row Sports

This website is notorious for not caring a whit about any copyright violations. It’s been taken down before by the US government, but it always comes back at a different html address. It is, however, also full of annoying ads that can mar the viewing experience.

One option is to choose one of the versions of the website online which has reduced the number of ads from appearing. Examples here will include http://gofirstrow.eu/ and http://xn--frstrowsports-39b.eu/ where the ads are minimal. There are just a few ads, and also there are ads in the bigining of the stream. It’s kinda like YouTube in that regard.

Justin TV

Speaking of just like YouTube, Justin TV tries to offer the same kind of experience. Here you have thousands of channels available, and all you need to do is to search by using the search bar. The nice thing about NBC Sports Extra Live streaming is that there will always be someone nice enough to offer the stream for the less fortunate.

The entire process is very simple. If you can watch YouTube videos, then you can watch the NBC Sports Extra Live stream on Justin TV. All you need to do is to make sure you have a flash player installed on your browser. For mobile users, you can make do with the Skyfire browser which can emulate flash.

Of course, this kind of simplicity makes Justin TV a favorite target of copyright complaints. It’s been taken down once before, but it also comes back eventually. Honestly, you’d think these copyright people would learn.


At the opposite end of the simplicity scale is the wiziwig.tv website, which offers a bit more complicated procedures. The website itself recommends that you go and visit them about 5 hours before the start of the game you want to watch. Searching for the right streams is easy, but this isn’t YouTube. This is more like a torrent site, and you need to download and install the proper torrent software to download what you need from the provider. This is a peer to peer connection. Once the two of you are in synch, then you can watch the game as you download the stream.

Fortunately, the website offers a lot of help to make the entire process much more comprehensible. The program you need to install is indicated, and the download link plus the instructions are included as well. This is why you need a couple of hours to set up. But once you have installed the right torrent program, it’s all smooth sailing. You may also have to install some plugins for the stream to work, but again the links and the instructions will be there.

For those who simply cannot stand the blurriness of live streams, you can always just wait for the game to end and then download the entire game. The best thing about this option is that you are only a little late, but you can watch the game in HD. Just don’t talk to anyone or take any messages to avoid being spoiled about the results. You also have this option in wiziwig.tv, where they offer download links for sports games.