NBC Sports Live Stream

NBC Sports started way back in 1939, and at one point it called itself “America’s Sports Leader” because they owned the broadcast rights to the NFL, MLB, NBA, and even the Olympics. Today it still shows lots of sports games, and that continues on in the recent launch of the NBCSN or NBC Sports Network.

But if you can’t get to any TV when there’s a great game on NBC—maybe you’re stuck in traffic, for example, or perhaps you’re on vacation in a foreign land—then you need not fret about missing the game. You can always watch NBC Sports live online.

One way to do this is to go to the NBC Live Extra section of the NBC Sports website. There you can get the instructions on how to download the Live Extra App, so that you can watch the game on NBC. The app can be used on iPhone, iPod touch or Android handheld device and your iPad or Android tablet device.

You will only need the latest Adobe Flash player. You can watch the NBC game as long as you are in US territory, and if the game they are featuring is shown on the NBC Sports Network cable channel you have to verify your cable, satellite or telco TV subscription that includes NBCSN. You’ll just need to login to NBC Sports Live Extra using the username and password you use on your provider’s website.

But what if the game you want to watch is on the NBC cable channel, or if you are abroad? Read on. You can still watch NBC Sports online.


A lot of people know about torrents. This is especially true among people abroad who can’t wait for their favorite American TV shows to broadcast on their local channels. They just go online on their favorite torrents website, search for the show, and then download the show from other users using a torrent program.

With wiziwig.tv, it’s essentially the same principle. In fact, they have a section that’s devoted to torrents and download sites. You just wait for the game to end, and in a short while it will be available for you to download on your computer. It will even be in HD.

But if you can’t wait, there’s also the NBC Sports streaming alternative. Here, you get the NBC Sports live stream while the game is currently playing. It will be best, however, start your search for the streams a few hours before the game starts. Usually, the channels showing the game will be available about 5 hours before the game.

That’s because the people providing the streams will be using their own programs, and you have to match the software as well. The program you’ll need will be indicated, and wiziwig.tv is nice enough to provide the links and installation instructions for all the programs you may possible need. Just search for the game on NBC Sports (who’s playing, for example) and you’ll get the results you need.

Justin TV

Justin TV is like the YouTube of live streaming online, except that in this case there really isn’t a lot of regard for any sort of copyright laws. This is why they tend to be shut down every now and then, but of course they inevitably rise from the dead.

Type the game on the search bar, and then you’ll be able to get the NBC Sports live streaming results. Click on a link, and it will be just like watching a YouTube video. For desktop computers and laptops, all you need is a flash player installed on your browser. You may have to install and use the Skyfire browser on your mobile phone, so that you can have flash player capabilities.


What game will you be watching? If you are trying to watch tennis on NBC Sports, then head on out to VIP Box TV and select the appropriate category on the home page. That brings you to a lot of tennis games, and you just click the particular game you want to watch. You’ll be given options as to which NBC Sports stream channel to use, so click on one.

The ads here, however, are notoriously egregious. They simply pop up all the time. The best you can do is to try to get the stream to full screen, and that will prevent the avalanche of ads from appearing. But that can be tricky. Some ads will change your website page when you close them, so just press the back button to get to back to the game. Sometimes there will be a smaller ad, and the trick is to click the correct “x” that’s located near the obvious “x”. The obvious “x” will say “click here to stop java”, but the correct “x” won’t say that.

First Row Sports

This one is like the phoenix of the Internet. It has the same disregard for copyright laws, and so the US government always tries to shut it down. But since it’s an international website, it always manages to come back although it may be on a different address. This website sure has a whole lot of ads, and there’s nothing to do but to keep on closing them when they pop up.

However, some different versions of the website have popped up to, and this time these versions don’t have all that many ads. You can head on out to http://gofirstrow.eu/, or http://xn--frstrowsports-39b.eu/ and see for yourself. Search for the NBC game you’re looking for and click it. Again, you just need the flash player to watch the game live.

Sometimes you may be asked to install plugins for the streams to work, and this may or may not be true. There’s always the danger of viruses and malware on these types of websites, so your computer security must be topnotch.

All in all, you can watch NBC Sports online. You need some patience and you need to lower your expectations regarding the quality of the screen, but it’s better than nothing at all.