Nebraska Football Live Stream

The Nebraska football team is one of the most actively followed in collegiate sports, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people want to watch Nebraska football online. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay anything to watch one of their games on the Web.

Where to Watch Free College Football Online

When it comes to free live streams of college football, two sites are often mentioned, and These two sites don’t specialize in Nebraska football live stream, but they cover a lot of big sporting events including college football, basketball, MMA and other PPV events.

You can also find live streams at, and Keep in mind that the content on some of these sites are user dependent, and if it’s the playoffs servers can get busy. If you’re having trouble accessing the site, go to the mirror service.

Aside from those sites, you can also go to or Do keep in mind that the games steamed on this site are not limited to Nebraska as they also provide extensive coverage of other teams.

Fixing Problems with Free Live Streams

Because the sites mentioned above are free, it’s normal to expect people to go there in droves. As mentioned earlier, you can go to a mirror site if the service is slow or the main site is inaccessible. But if you’re having trouble with the actual stream, here are a few suggestions.

If you watch Nebraska football online free don’t be surprised if the pictures get pixelated at times as that’s normal. If the problem is with the audio, you may need to update the driver of your media player or download a codec for the player the site is using.

While some of these sites offer plenty of links to Nebraska football, the quality isn’t usually as good as on a paid subscription. That doesn’t mean the stream is not watchable, but you won’t always get HD quality.

Mobile Apps and On Demand Video

Aside from watching a Husker game live on your desktop you can be updated with the Husker mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. These apps aren’t free, the iPad app for instance, costs $5.99, but if you are a HuskersNSide subscriber you can login with your username and password and get live scores and updates. These apps also give you access to on-demand videos, live audio scores, photo galleries and schedules.

Other Ways to Watch Nebraska Football Online

You can also watch a Nebraska football game live on ESPN. If you get your Internet from any of these companies you’ll be able to watch Nebraska and other college football teams on WatchESPN. As long as the game has an ESPN3 mark and you’re with an affiliate provider, you can watch the game free.

You can also watch a Husker football live stream on the Big Ten Network or at These sites require a subscription, as does the NBC site at