NHL Network Live Stream

You can watch exciting NHL games through NHL Network right on your computer without paying a single cent.  There are numerous websites that broadcast NHL Network live stream that allow hockey fans like you to enjoy the games from any part of the globe. Watch NHL network online through the following websites and keep yourself abreast of the developments in the National Hockey League.


LiveOnlineTV247.com streams live coverage of various sports such as basketball, football, golf, Formula One, and cricket.  It is also a dependable resource of NHL Network stream. You can find the NHL Network listed on its homepage which also features other sports channels such as ESPN UK, Sportsnet World, NBA TV,  and SkySports Cricket.

To watch NHL network on this channel, simply follow these steps:

  • Copy the URL address and paste it on the browser URL field
  • Wait for the website to load, and click on the NHL Network icon
  • Choose from any of the live sports streams displayed on the upper part of the NHL Network page.
  • Wait for the page to load, and the video should play within a few minutes
  • If the page does not load, continue refreshing the page.
  • If the problem persists, then try updating your media player. Once you have updated it, try refreshing the NHL network stream.

What’s great with the website is that it also offers free streaming of NHL Network games on mobile devices like Android based smartphones and iPhones and iPads.

The website has a lot of advertisements that may frustrate the online viewer like you. Using an ad blocker or manually closing the ad windows can help you get rid of the annoying pop-up ads. The key is to stay patient as there will be times when the NHL live streaming video will take minutes to load.

First Row Sports

First Row Sports is another good website to go to when you want to watch NHL network on a desktop computer. Like LiveOnlineTV247.com, First Row Sports has a lot of sport events that it streams for free that benefit sports lovers like you. Aside from hockey, it streams other sports like basketball, football, golf, wrestling, rugby, tennis, and motorsports.

But one of its advantages is that it is more user-friendly compared to other websites that offer free online sports streams. It also has minimal pop-up advertisements that can annoy visitors like you, or slow down the live streaming.  The website’s design is also not cluttered unlike most free online streaming portals, so you should have no problem navigating it.

To watch NHL Network streaming via First Row Sports, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to http://gofirstrow.eu/sport/ice-hockey.html.
  • Click on the NHL Network link, and wait for it to load.
  • A new browser window opens, and it should take a few seconds or minutes before the video plays.
  • Just refresh the page if the video takes a while to play, or the video stops.


Like the two websites previously discussed, Stream2WatchMe streams live sporting events online.  Other sports that it covers include basketball, football, golf, wrestling, motorsports and tennis. Similar to First Row Sports, Stream2WatchMe has a very simple homepage that makes it easier for online users like you to find the sporting event they are interested to see.

To watch NHL Network live streaming through this website, follow these steps:

  •  Type in http://www.stream2watch.me on your browser field
  • Find the live NHL being streamed online as listed on the home page
  • Or click on ‘hockey’ in the popular sports categories list.
  • The website re-directs to a new page, from which you can choose among the many live streams listed.
  • Click on a live stream link, and wait for a few minutes for the video to load and play.

Your computer, however, needs to have updated media player in order to play the live streaming. The website prompts you if you have to download an updated media player, or update your current media player software.


Time4TV.com is yet another website where you can watch NHL games online for free. It is user-friendly like First Row Sports, with minimal clutter on the main page that allows users like you to easily find the streaming you are interested in.

To find the online NHL streaming, simply click on the Sports Channel section which lists down all the sports channels the website supports. Or you can click here: http://www.time4tv.com/2013/09/nhl-network.php.

  • There are numerous channels you can click choose from. Click one channel and wait for the video to load and play.
  • Refresh the page if the video takes a while to load, or if the video stops every now and then.
  • Your Flash player should be updated in order to enjoy uninterrupted video playback.

Time4TV.com also features a 48-hour schedule list so you will know beforehand which NHL games it will broadcast. The website also offers streaming of sporting events and even news channels like BBC.

 Reminders When Watching Sports Streams Online for Free

The four websites that offer live NHL Network streaming are all legal.  You can watch NHL games free from any computer or mobile device as long as it has Internet connection. However, certain things can affect the quality of the video such as the speed of your Internet connection. Your Internet connection should be reliable and fast so that you can enjoy the videos streamed on these websites.

Your Internet connection may also be slowed down by other activities like downloading of a movie or music file. If you are watching a YouTube video simultaneously with watching a NHL network game online, then your Internet bandwidth suffers. In that case, you’ll have to watch the YouTube video at a later time or after you have finished watching an NHL game.

Finally, make sure that your Flash player is updated so that you can enjoy the NHL games uninterrupted. The website will inform you right away if it detects that your computer does not have an updated media player.