OKState Football Live Stream


Fans of Oklahoma State University football are hoping to improve on their third place standing in the Big 12 Conference, and the first game which will be played in the 30th of August against Florida State of the ACC will indicate how well the season will unfold. It’s going to be shown on ABC, but if you can’t get to a TV then you may have to watch Oklahoma State football online.

Online Streams for TV Broadcasts

  • The first game for Oklahoma State football on TV will be on ABC, but if you have a computer and an Internet connection then you can just head to the ABC Network website. Just click on the “Watch Live” tab to get Oklahoma State football live. If you’re on the road and you have your smartphone or tablet with you, you can download the mobile app from the site. It’s available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and the Windows 8 OS.
  • Lots of Oklahoma Cowboys games are featured on Fox Sports, and to get OKState football live online you can go to FOX Sports Go. You can watch OSU football online on the site simply by logging in with your cable subscription info. Of course, your cable provider should carry Fox Sports. You can also download the Fox Sports Go mobile app, but it is only available on iTunes so far.
  • ESPN, of course may feature Cowboy games, and if you are a cable subscriber then your provider should carry the sports network. You can then log onto the ESPN website, where you can watch the game. The website also gives you the info on how to download the WatchESPN mobile app, so you can get the game on your mobile device.
  • CBS Sports may also broadcast the game, but to avail of the digital version you will have to subscribe to CBS Sports ULive. Here you can also download the CBS Sports mobile app once you are already a subscriber.

If you are an avid fan of Oklahoma State athletics, then you can become a paying subscriber to the OKState official website with all-access benefits. That way, you can also listen to the streaming live audio of football games.

Unofficial Online Options

Your best bet is to go to wiziwig.tv. This is a website that allows you to watch TV shows live online, and what you need to do is to search for channels streaming the Oklahoma State football game. When the site offers the channels featuring the game, each channel will also indicate what type of P2P program you have to download and install. The links to these programs are on the website as well.

The website even allows you to download recorded TV broadcasts of the game. Just head on to the sports forum where you can find the right thread and the download links to the game posted by other members.

Finally, you can always use torrents. Just search the Web for torrents of the game and then download it from seeders using a torrent program like uTorrent.

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