How To Stream The PAC 12 Network Online

The Pac-12 Network was launched in August 2012 after 2 years of planning and preparation by the Pac-12 conference. Pac-12 networks is a collection of channels offering Pac-12 sports only, which are available on both traditional broadcast programming, as well as multi-platform, as the “TV Everywhere” service.

This basically means that Pac 12 sports fans will be able to watch Pac 12 football online, as well as other content provided by the network, via one of its distributors of the live linear streaming service.

Pac 12 offers a multitude of programming options via its telecast partners, including Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable. It also complements this traditional broadcast with its Pac 12 streaming online service, which allows access to its seven live linear channels across online devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, via their TV Everywhere service, referred to as “Pac 12 Now”.

What is offered in Pac 12 Now?

Since its conception, Pac 12 has delivered 7 different channels of incredibly high quality – one national and the other six as regional feeds. In fact, anyone who managed to stream Pac 12 football online since its launch can see that the games are indistinguishable from those on ESPN and the Big Ten Network. Meaning the quality is second to none, and the coverage is even better than many top flight networks.

The six regions where Pac 12 Networks is widely available are the six states where league schools are situated, though other regions can access the national broadcast on Dish network, or online if you have the relevant cable or satellite subscription. This setup allows regional fans to follow teams that they care for the most.

The PAC 12 Conference is comprised of 12 member universities, they are as followed:

USC TrojansWashington State (WSU)CaliforniaArizona State (ASU)Washington HuskiesOregon DucksUCLA BruinsStanford CardinalsArizona WildcatsOregon State BeaversUtah UtesColorado Buffaloes

During the 2012/2013 sports season (the 1st year of operation), fans subscribed to Pac 12 Networks affiliate partners managed to access 550 live events and 200 hours worth of additional programming via the Pac 12 live stream.

In the 2013-14 sports season, subscribers will be able to watch 750 live and on-demand sporting events via Pac 12 network online free streaming. Subscribers will also access event statistics, analysis and commentary, features, press conferences, and other content that is not available on telecast.

This implies that Pac 12 network fans can watch online all 750 events that are also on TV, which is a better package compared to the Big Ten network, which splits its live events between telecast (350 events) and webcast (400) events.

So, how can you get PAC 12 Networks?


The first step is to identify whether P12N (Pac 12 Networks) are carried in your region by going to the “Channel Finder” option on You will be prompted to enter your zip code and select your TV provider before progressing with the search.

If your TV provider offers P12N, you can access the Pac 12 network free live streaming on your PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device, via the free iOS or Android app. The network offers online access to all broadcast TV content including live events via their TV partners. All you will require from your TV provider is a username and password.

However, you may find that your TV provider does not offer P12N; in which case, you would have to switch to any of the 50 cable and satellite providers who are already offering the Pac 12 Network.


Every fan should have at least one option in their area. For instance, fans to the East of the Rockies can find the Networks on Comcast Cable, Bright House, CC Communications, Cable America, Dickey Rural Services, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Northland, Dish, and FiOS by frontier.

P12N is also available on the West of the Rockies – outside the conference footprint – on Comcast Cable, CommVision, Cox, Cable systems of Nevada, Time Warner Cable, GCI, TCT West, Hawaiian Telcom, Northland, KPU Century Link, and Suddenlink.

It is important to note that Cox and Comcast Cable are available in the P12N footprint area, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

How can Comcast/Xfinity Clients Watch PAC 12 Football online?


Comcast or xfinity subscribers are not permitted to stream Pac 12 Networks subscription content through or any of the Pac-12 apps.So, how can they access the Pac 12 basketball live stream? These customers must log-in on web via or using their mobile device via the XFINITY TV Go app for iOS and Android devices. In other words,

  • Android users should download XFINITY TV Go for Android, and
  • OS users should download XFNIY TV Go for iOS

Once you have the app for your device, launch it and select your TV provider. Then enter subscription details (username and password) for your TV provider, and enjoy Pac 12 network streaming for free.You may want to note that the Pac 12 video site, as well as the P12N apps were developed in conjunction with Ooyala, allowing it to stream across multiple devices.

That said, the app has one drawback that can be attributed to the TV everywhere strategy: users can only access live streams after verifying that they subscribed to a partner cable provider.

Basics of the PAC 12 network live streaming service


  • Irrespective of where you reside, a cable subscription to any of P12n partners is necessary to watch either the national network or the six regional feeds.
  • A large majority of subscribers living within the league’s six-state regional footprint will access the national network on a sports tier, and the regional feed on a basic or digital basic tier.
  • Bay Area fans subscribed to Comcast Cable can access the national network on channel 434 (sports tier) and the regional feed on channels 823 for HD and 433 for SD.
  • Los Angeles fans subscribed to Time Warner Cable can access the regional feed on channels 370 for HD and 245 for SD, and the national network using the TWC sports Pass on channels 369 for HD and 246 for SD.
  • Fans living outside P12N geographic footprint can access the national network via a sports tier, as long as they have a subscription with a partner provider, with the exception of Cox subscribers, which allows fans outside the footprint to watch Pac 12 networks on all its systems.
  • The League’s “TV Everywhere” plan allows all subscribed fans to stream online any of the seven feeds of Pac 12 Networks, on PC, as well as Android and iOS devices.
  • Pac 12 does not have carriage agreements with various major networks, including DirecTV, Verizon, and AT&T, though negotiations are underway. Also, subscribers in Tier 2 cable networks cannot access P12N streams, yet.