watch Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions Football Game Online

The big game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions is going to be a fierce matchup of two division rivals. This game also features two of the best quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford, which means only one thing, lots of points on the scoreboard. Most every football fan will want to watch this tremendous battle, and if you are lucky enough to have a link to an online stream, then you can watch it too! All you need now is some good tips on how to locate a good working web stream so you can watch the big game. Keep reading to find out!

All you really have to do is go to any search engine and type in watch Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions football game live online stream and you should see a bunch of links to websites that have the streams. we recommend or First Row Sports if they have available streams. Just make sure when you arrive at these websites that you aren’t tricked into spending money on a subscription. Many times these web streamers try and take advantage of passionate football fans by seeing if they will pay for the streams. Don’t do it because if you look hard enough and with the help of this article you will find a high quality stream of the Packers vs. Lions football game this weekend.

When Sunday comes you want to be sure that you have a good working stream so you don’t miss any of the action. Usually football fans get a little bit nervous on Sunday when they try to click on the streaming links and see the game is not and kickoff is fast approaching. This is because most of the links don’t become active until right around kickoff time. Be patient and you will get the stream soon enough. If you click on the link and the stream comes on but it is difficult to view and choppy, then you will want to look elsewhere for a better stream.

The best tip that you can get for locating a stream for the Packer vs. lions is to go to or visit your favorite team’s fan forums. These message boards are a great place to talk football with fellow Packers and Lions fans, that you can easily strike up a conversation about online streams. There is a good chance many people just like you are anxiously awaiting someone to post a link to a stream. Usually in the game day forum on the fan message board someone is kind enough to post a high quality stream. Make sure you thank them for the stream, and don’t forget to be an active participant on the message board while the game is going on. You can all talk football as you’re watching and it is awesome to meet such great fans on gameday!

Watching football on Sunday is the best during the Fall and now you have access the best streams online to watch the Packers take on the Lions in Detroit!