PSU Football Live Stream

The fans of Penn State University football tend to be die-hard supporters regardless of scandal plaguing the team. They continue to support their team amid a post-season ban and the loss of 40 scholarships. If you are one of those who shout out We are Penn State, then PSU live football will always be a joy to watch.

Watching Penn State football live in a stadium is always the first choice, but watching the game on a wide screen TV is good too. But if those two options are unavailable, then you can always watch Penn State football online.

Official Options

If you are already a cable or satellite subscriber and your provider offers the Big Ten Network (BTN) and BTN2Go, then you’re good. BTN2Go is a free mobile app, and you can download it on your iPhone and iPad, or on your Android phone. With it you can receive the Penn State football live stream, no matter where you are.

If you are outside the US, Canada, and certain Caribbean islands, you can still watch the Penn State game via BTN2Go International even though you are not a cable subscriber. You will need is a mobile device or a computer with a decent broadband Internet. Just go to, and there you can subscribe. After becoming a subscriber, you can then download for free the BTN2Go International Mobile Apps from either the Google Play store or iTunes.

If the game is being played on ESPN and you are a cable subscriber who has the network, then you can just download the WatchESPN app for free from the ESPN Network website. If the game is on ESPN3, then you can also watch the game as long as your Internet provider is affiliated with ESPN3.

Finally, you can also go to the official Penn State Sports website and purchase a subscription. From there you can also purchase a subscription to the Big Ten Digital Network and CBS sports. You can watch Penn State football highlights with the mobile apps which are free but can be a paid upgrade for audio and video. A CBS Sports app is available as well.

Unofficial Options

If you are not a cable subscriber and you don’t want to pay for digital access, then you can still watch the game live online with This website will offer various channels which stream the Penn State game, but to watch the game you will have to download and install a particular P2P program such as Sopcast. The website conveniently has the links for any program you may need to access the live streams.


For really great quality videos, your best bet is to download the game once it is over. You can do that by going to the sports forum and looking up the appropriate post. Also, you can check torrent links to download the game directly from other users by using torrent software like uTorrent.