Live Stream Review… Is it Legal?

Let’s make it clear the stream2watch website streams illegal content. Let’s call it for what it is… This is a service that offer pirated content and that is illegal in the U.S.

A good number of people do not have TVs or cable, because they do not necessarily have to watch every media live, except for sports. There are quite a few options for you to watch sports online for free, but not all of them are trustworthy that includes Stream2Watch.

Stream2Watch is a big sports streaming website that offers multiple links for all major sports, as well as some live TV stations from around the world on Stream2Watch live TV.

Features on Stream2Watch include:

Free access to live sport and TV online but they are illegal content: 

This site offers links to all types of streams, including TV channels, such as Animal Planet, ABC, BBC, AXN, CNN, CBS, ESPN America, NFL on stream2watch, or just about any other event that is broadcast on major sports channels such as the PAC 12 Network, BIG Ten Network and The SEC Network.

Legal Feeds:

Stream2Watch does not own, upload, or host any videos, streams, or intellectual property related content on their servers. Instead, they use iframe technology to broadcast embedded content from other reputable domains on the internet that allow them to embed videos. Some of these websites include streaming URL,, mms, simple TV, and M3u8, among others. The fact that they have so many sources of content means that you will almost always find working live streams and feeds for any sports event that you want to watch.

Here’s how to REALLY watch sports legally:

Five Ways to Legally Watch Sports Online For Free

If you are a true sports fan, you probably just can’t get enough of it. Whether it involves keeping track of your favorite team or just staying abreast of what’s going on in the world of sports in general, you are hooked.

Often times though, your access to your favorite sports programming may be limited due to channel availability, or personal time constraints. There is another option to finding sports content on the television however. Check it out online. We are going to take a look at five different ways on how to watch live sports online free.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a basic video service that you can subscribe to. It allows you to catch up on all of the content you want from your favorite channels.

If you own a smart TV, digital media player, or a mobile device, Sling TV could be just what you are looking for.

Sling TV offers w wide variety of different channels to choose from. They offer special sports packages that you can purchase as well as free trial offers. Presently, they are promoting a free seven-day trial so that you can decide if they have something you might be interested in.


Looking for sports on demand? Then you want to look into what DIRECTTV has to offer. Whether you are a college football fan or locked into the golf links, this channel has got you covered.

FOX College Sports, NBA, Boxing, The Sportsman’s Channel and The Golf Channel are just a few of the sport specific channels that DIRECTV offers.

They make things very simple, you just put in the subscription for a sports package and have ultra high definition content streamed straight to your Apple TV, Amazon Fires TV or Chromecast.

Viewing sports couldn’t be easier on DIRECTV and this is another great example of how to live all you sports online for free!

DIRECTTV also offers a free trial period. Get seven days of sports viewing pleasure for free when you sign up for a paid subscription. But don’t worry, you can cancel at any time if you decide this option isn’t for you.


HULU has been rated as one of the best and affordable streaming platforms on today’s internet platform, and there’s a good reason for this.

HULU provides a number of superior options when it comes to sports channel surfing. You can watch Live TV in real time on your TV, gaming devices, and mobile apps and tablets. This way you can take your sports with you wherever you go.

Did you forget to watch an important sporting event? No worries, HULU has your back. It’s full of the great On Demand channels you want, so it won’t have to happen

On HULU, you get all the major sports channels you want. The Big Ten Network, Fox Sports, ESPN and many others are right there with the push of a button.

HULU currently offers a 30-day free trial that gives you the option to cancel out at any time if you’re not feeling it. Taking HULU for a test drive for a full month is something you definitely want to check out for yourself.

PlayStation Vue

If you don’t happen to own a PlayStation personally to become a member of the PlayStation Vue crew. If you have a smart TV, digital media player, or a mobile device, you have the ability to stream brilliant HD sports content from
PlayStation Vue.

One of the awesome things about this subscription service is that they allow you to stream all of your favorite sports content on up to five different devices at any given time. This allows you to get more bang for your buck and have the
potential to share with your friends or family.

If you decide to start up a subscription with PlayStation Vue, you get the option of two different packages.

“Access” is their basic package. With the “Access” package, you receive unlimited access to stream all of your favorite sports channels like ESPN and FS1, perfect for the casual sports fan and channel surfer.

If you desire more channels of sports to choose from, PlayStation Vue has an option for that as well.

“Core” The Core package may be just what you are looking for. PlayStation Vue offers both a five day and a seven-day trial absolutely free. It depends on which package you sign up for.

When you sign up for either trial, both are totally commitment-free and you can cancel at any time.


Think that YouTube was just for videos and gaming? Think again.YouTube now has a relatively new service called YoutTube TV that provides the best in online, high resolution streaming to all of your electronic gadgets.

Streaming sports couldn’t get much easier than with YoutubeTV. Watch live games from CBS, Fox Sports, ESPN etc. If you elect to upgrade to their premium account, you have the option to add even more sports channels like Fox Soccer Plus, WWE, and UFC.

With a new feature called Cloud DVR, you can rest easy knowing that you will never miss your favorite sporting event again.

YouTubeTV also offers a free trial program. You can get a full two weeks which definitely highlights all of the great things that this subscription service has to offer you! You may cancel at any time with no obligation, so why not give it a test drive?

So there you go all you sports enthusiasts, five awesome options to catch your favorite sporting events online, all 100% legal.

Low quality of videos

Stream2Watch does not host any of its streams, so they cannot guarantee that the video feed will be high quality. That said, the site strives to embed only the best quality links from its sources, plus it provides multiple links from different sources for any particular sports events. This way, fans can sample the different links to find the better stream.

Ads that block streams

While you can find just about every sport on Stream2Watch this website, you must learn how to block the ads, or at least, how to click through them and close pop-ups when the webpage loads. The ads on Stream2Watch are not that many or troublesome, but you still need to get past them in order to view an event. There are several ways to close the ads:

  • Make the video player fullscreen – changing the size of the screen in flash prevents overlays.
  • If you are streaming through Google Chrome browser, right-clock and select inspect element. When the HTML page opens, locate the div class labeled “advertisement” in the <body> floater and erase it. This causes the ads to disappear from your screen.
  • Close the ads one-by-one as they open
  • Install add blockers that are compatible with your browser.

There are several other sites that provide live sports links for free, but they may not be as reliable as Stream2Watch, plus you may have to subscribe to access the links. Chances are that you will always be able to watch live events of your favorite team on

You can search for the event on the homepage or its subcategory. That said, there are some instances when some streams are not listed in the category that they belong to, but instead they can be found in the “others” category. This happens when the system is unable to list a certain event in its right category. So, always make sure to check that category before you give up on finding a certain event.