How To Stream The PGA Tour Online

How do you plan to watch the Major Championships? Many golf fans would probably prefer to attend the events live, but most would have to find an alternative way to see the best of the best in the world compete in the comfort of their homes, or in their offices, or on the go – on their mobile devices.

The default way for many golf fans to follow the action is on TV, with the first two rounds being exclusive on TNT, and the final two on both CBS and TNT. For those without access to a TV, or those who find PC and mobile devices more convenient, you should have an idea of sites that offer live streaming for the US Open, and other PGA tournaments.

The PGA tour features some of the most exclusive golf courses in the world, and every fan has the opportunity to watch the PGA live stream online, if you know where to look. Nearly all events in the PGA tour are streamed online, which means that you can watch live golf online for free, on many of the critical Saturday and Sunday rounds. CBS and NBC also stream weekend coverage for multiple tournaments, while the golf channel stream offers early-round coverage.

It is important to note that early-rounds typically denote Thursday and Friday streams, though it may also refer to early Saturday and Sunday afternoons, while final-rounds refer to Saturday and Sunday broadcasts.

The NBC Sports Live Extra

nbc-live-extra You can subscribe to the desktop site for NBC Sports Live extra, or use their app for Android and iOS devices to gain access to NBC and Golf Channel coverage.

While NBC broadcasts are accessible to everyone without the requirement for a subscription, Golf Channel streams require users to login using their cable TV details.

CBS Sports Real-time Internet Feed

CBS streams weekend coverage for the golf tournaments that they cover on the CBS Sports mobile site, or the CBS Sports Android or iOS app. Fans with tables can watch CBS streams directly from using the CBS mobile-optimized video player.

ESPN2 Live Streaming


ESPN2 live stream also provides live coverage for several major golf tournaments including the US Open, The Masters, and British Open. The streams are available at when viewing from your phone.

However, for ESPN live streaming via your mobile device, you need to download and install the relevant WatchESPN app for Android or iOS devices, Apple TV, Xbox 360, or Kindle Fire. All streams indicated as “ESPN3” can be viewed for free by individuals with a compatible internet service. However, other streams are only available to cable TV subscribers with an ESPN package, upon login.

How to access the PGA live stream

An alternative place to get live video and audio coverage of multiple tournaments is the official PGA website, and related apps.

PGA has multiple broadcast partners, which means that you may have access to up to three sources of reliable live video coverage for just one tournament.

To make it easier for you to find the providers offering the US open streaming live for free, you can check the full season schedules and broadcast partner information from the official PGA Tour site.

PGA live stream apps


You can follow the PGA golf tournament on the go using your smartphone or other mobile device as long as you have the app. PGA has four main mobile apps and PC websites that provide live audio-video coverage of the Tour events for the whole season. It is recommended that you download and install the right app for your device – iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10 and desktop site for computers – before the tournament starts, so you will never miss a live golf event, wherever you are. Another benefit of having the app is that you can stream bonus coverage, like featured holed and featured groups for some events. The app also keeps you from falling behind in the PGA Tour.

You can simply watch live streams of nearly all golf tournaments of the entire season, including the President’s Cup on Via the official PGA site, you can watch live golf on weekends – Saturdays and Sundays – without a cable TV subscription. Basically, their weekend coverage is similar to that of other networks providing coverage – NBC Sports and CBS Sports.

Golf Channel Online


Online live streaming of early-round coverage – Thursdays and Fridays – of major PGA Tournaments can be viewed on the Golf Channel Online. This broadcast requires users to have an active cable TV subscription from a cable carrier that offers the Golf Channel.

The Golf Channel is a US Sports TV channel that is managed by the NBC Sports Group. The Channel was launched in 1995 as a sports channel for only golf programming and broadcasts – both live and recorded golf events from the US and around the world.

Free live streaming on Sopcast

You can watch live golf tournaments for free online on several websites, including WizWig and Sopcast. The following is the procedure for streaming live on Sopcast website:

  1. Go to sopcast
  2. Select the “Download” menu option
  3. You will find four different applications for streaming via sopcast, so download the one that is compatible with your system
  4. Open the installation program, follow the step-by-step guidelines to install Sopcast in your PC
  5. Once installed, go to the MyP2P site, and click on the “Live Sports” menu option at the top of the page.
  6. Click on the “Golf’ tab to reveal a list of golf tournaments available online.
  7. Search for the golf tournament you want to stream, and click on the small TV icon next to it.
  8. You will be taken to a screen with multiple streaming options for that specific tournament. Under the software column, select the link that will open a Sopcast channel.
  9. Click on the play button. This action will open sopcast and sign you in automatically. Your login is anonymous.
  10. Once the stream is fully loaded, you can enjoy viewing the golf tournament online for free.

There are other sites that do not require you to download software, but you should proceed with caution, especially when prompted to input your credit card details.