TSN Live Stream

TSN (The Sports Network) is a Canadian sports TV network and a joint venture of ESPN and Bell Media. Since the network was founded, it’s become popular not just with Canadians but sports fans all over the world because of its extensive coverage of different sporting events. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a subscriber or living in Canada to enjoy since TSN live stream is available online free.

Go First Row

Go First Row is not devoted entirely to TSN programs, but if there’s a big sporting event that will be aired on the sports network, it’s bound to be carried here. To watch shows here, just go to the link and wait for the page to load.

A table will appear with links to different sports networks and live feeds. To watch TSN live, just click the icon and choose one of the links that are available. If one link is busy or down, try another one. If you want to download their desktop app, just click the link to initiate the download.

Depending on the media used by the live stream, you may be able to watch right there and then or need to download a media player. If you need to update your media player, do that first and come back to the site later.

This website is very popular so it might be difficult to access specially if there’s a big game on at TSN. Fortunately there are mirror sites available, and even the main site doesn’t take too long to load. If the video is stuttering, refresh the page and that should do the trick.


Stream2Watch is another free online service where you can watch not just TSN but other live sporting events free on your computer. To watch, follow these instructions.

  • Go to the URL given above. If the link doesn’t work, go back to the main home page.
  • Wait for the page to load. You will see a list of the available sporting events on the site, including some that are playing on TSN. Click the link to the event you want to watch.
  • You will see a message saying that the streams are loading. Wait for it to load completely.
  • Once the stream has finished loading, you should get the stream. If you don’t see any, your video player might need to be updated.
  • If you see any ads popping up, just close them or you an ad blocker. Ad blockers are browser add-ons that you use to block ads and keep them from popping up.

Free InterTV

Another way to watch TSN online is to go to Free InterTV, a website that provides links to various sporting and movie networks around the world. To avail of this service, just go to their website. If you go to the link above, the TSN feed should play automatically, but if it doesn’t or is playing another channel, click the TSN link at the bottom of the video player.

As you will see from the homepage, the website doesn’t just have links to TSN but also other sports networks. If you want to view those, just click their respective links and wait for the page to load fully.

Now Watch Live

Now Watch Live is another option if you want to watch TSN feeds live on the web. Unlike other web streaming services, the process is pretty straightforward here. When you get to the website, a list of the popular sporting events available will be displayed on the homepage.

A lot of the sports covered here are focused on European fans, but if there’s a major event that’s being covered by TSN, it will be listed here. If the TSN event you’re looking for is on the main page, just click the link and wait for the next page to load. Close the ads that pop up and click the video player to begin streaming.

If you cannot find the TSN streaming on the listed programs, scroll down the sports channels list on the left until you see TSN and TSN 2. Click the one you want to watch and once the page has finished loading, the stream will play. If it doesn’t, click the play button.

Tips for Watching TSN Feeds Online Free

Aside from the four links given above, there are other ways you can watch TSN online. If you search on the web, you will find that most sports streaming sites carry TSN sporting events, at least the major ones. While the number of websites that carry TSN exclusively online free may be limited, they are still available, including the websites listed above.

Even if the website does not say that it carries TSN, there’s a good chance that the event that the sports network is broadcasting is on the website especially if it is popular. If that’s the case, you just need to look for that particular event online and chances are it’s a TSN feed.

However you need to be careful as well, because not all online sites offer free TSN stream.The four links given above do provide free streams, and you don’t even need to create an account. In other websites, that’s not the case.

For instance, some “free” streaming services are actually trial programs, while others are free only if you are already a TSN subscriber. However, the four websites above should be more than enough to meet your viewing needs. The one thing you need to remember is that since they’re free, a lot of people go there to watch so it might slow down.

If the service gets bogged down, just click the mirror link provided and watch there. If for some reason the video won’t play the TSN live streaming, there might a problem with your video player and it requires an upgrade.