Watch UCLA Bruins Basketball Online

The UCLA Bruins have a pretty compelling argument for being the most successful college basketball program in history–11 NCAA Championships. That’s 3 more than the second place team (the University of Kentucky) and 6 more than the two teams tied for third (North Carolina and Indiana). Some of the Bruins’ other records are downright mind boggling. Their record of 7 consecutive NCAA titles between 1967 and 1973 will never be broken (no other team has won more than two titles in a row). 12 NCAA title game appearances, 10 consecutive Final Four appearances, 54 consecutive winning seasons (1949-2002) and the list goes on and on.

UCLA’s glory years came with John Wooden at the helm as head coach. Wooden is considered by most to be the best coach in college basketball history and he personally has a list of accomplishments and records that set him above his peers. His teams won 88 consecutive games during the NCAA title run from 1967 to 1973 and he was named ‘National Coach of the Year’ six times. Wooden’s success set the bar for his successors impossibly high, however, and UCLA has won only one NCAA championship since 1973 (in 1995 under coach Jim Harrick). The Bruins’ program has had their ups and downs since then though things look to be on the upswing under current coach Steve Alford.

The Bruins play their home games in Pauley Pavilion which was opened in 1965. The facility was completely renovated during the 2011-2012 season and has been informally dubbed ‘New Pauley’. ‘New Pauley’ has more seating capacity and the updated facilities expected at a top sports arena (luxury boxes, upgraded concessions). During the renovations, the UCLA Bruins played their home basketball games at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. The current UCLA home attendance record of 13,727 was set in 2013 at ‘New Pauley’ for a game against the Arizona Wildcats.

Like most high profile programs on the West Coast, the Bruins are on TV often. ESPN typically features them as part of ‘doubleheaders’ or ‘tripleheaders’ as their Pacific Time Zone location and popularity makes them a perfect fit for the ‘late game’ of national TV lineups. Fans can frequently find a UCLA basketball live stream on ESPN3, the network’s online streaming service. In addition, UCLA plays in the Pac 12 conference and they’ve got their own TV network (the Pac 12 Network). The Pac 12 Network also offers applications for smartphones and tablets to access streaming UCLA basketball online. Both options require a cable TV package, however, meaning that fans without one are out of luck.

A better idea for most people is to watch UCLA basketball online free of charge. This allows fans from anywhere in the country or around the world to watch Bruins basketball without difficulty or added expense. There are several popular websites that offer comprehensive lists of the games available for live streaming. Among the top streaming sports destinations are, first row sports, vipboxsports, These sites often have multiple domain names through which they can be accessed so it’s worth doing a Google search to track down the specific URL. There are always new sites coming on the scene so a Google search may also yield a new source for live sports streaming.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find college basketball games live online and if one site doesn’t have a live link one of the others certainly will. Some sites focus on European sports (primarily soccer) but there are plenty that feature US and North American sports like NFL football, NHL hockey and college basketball. Not only should a UCLA stream be easy to find but you’ll have the option to choose from several different bandwidth speeds. This will allow you to choose the stream that works best with your Internet connection and computer setup.

Once you find a suitable UCLA Bruins basketball live stream you have a number of options for viewing in addition to your computer. Many streams will work with tablets and smartphones. One of the best ways to watch live sports streams is with a set top box like a Roku or Google Chromecast–this way you can watch the stream on your TV set. With a good streaming directory and a properly equipped television you’ll have access to more sports action than you would with even the best cable TV or satellite service.