How To Stream UFC Online

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a sport that have taken the male age group of 20-35 by storm. It has literally grown overnight with the sport garnering attention all over the world.

They are even in talks with the Olympics to include the sport in 2016. That was unheard of in the 90′s, where lawmakers on Capitol Hill were threatening to ban the sport because of the violence. That’s not the case anymore as the popularity of the sport has led to the availability of UFC programming in 130 countries worldwide.

The increasing number of fans of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has seen the UFC expand internationally, running regular shows in Canada, and the UK, and a few events in Australia, Germany, and the UAE. UFC fans who aren’t able to access a TV set can watch free UFC fights online on a variety of websites including Wiziwig, Justin TV, FirstRow, Ustream, and atdhe, among others.

If you aren’t sure about the quality of streams you’ll get from the websites mentioned above, FOX Sports has an online streaming service dedicated to UFC fans that you can check out. You can even watch highlights of past and present fights instantly on their MMA and Boxing Video Archive page.

UFC fans can also watch memorable fights of their favorite UFC fighters like Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Demetrious Johnson, Frank Mir, Anderson Silva, Big Foot Silva, and Chris Weidman, amongst others online on UFC.TV, or on one of the many UFC.TV devices at a small cost.

Cable/Satellite subscribers within the US can also watch live UFC events on Fox Sports 2 and Fox Deportes, or via the Pay Per View (PPV) TV package offered by Comcast, Dish Network, and DirecTV. Fans in other parts of the world have a multitude of options to stream UFC.

For instance, Canadian fans need a TVA Sports or Sportsnet 360 cable subscription, Central/south America fans need UFC Network or Combate in Brazil, Fans in the Pacific Rim need Fox Ports Asia, while those in Europe, Africa and the middle East need either Abu Dhabi Sports 6 or Setanta Sports.

UFC Fight Pass

The UFC Fight pass is a subscription service that provides UFC fans with unlimited access to the content available in the package, which includes any Fight Pass live events, as well as Fight Pass prelims that may be going on during the 7-day free trial period for first-time subscribers.

As a digital subscription service, fans can access UFC Fight Pass online through their PCs, as well as their Android and iOS devices. Users must sign-in as UFC Fight Pass subscribers to access all content, including exclusive live UFC fights and events, original and behind-the-scenes content that is not available elsewhere, and unique access to the greatest MMA fight library in the globe.

UFC Fight Pass is somewhat similar to a variety of other streaming services in that it allows fans to identify and select what they want to view from a huge library of content. Just as other video streaming services give users access to a video library containing TV shows and movies, UFC Fight Pass grants its subscribers access to hundreds of hours of MMA fights, events, and programs on an on-demand basis, from Zuffa’s massive fight library.

The UFC Fight Pass is a month-to-month subscription package that goes for USD$9.99 per month, allowing you to stream UFC on your PC, or Android or iOS device. Fans from all over the world can access UFC events via the UFC Fight Pass, with the exception of Brazil and Latin America. However, the content available in each country depends on local TV blackout rules.

Fans worldwide will have the opportunity to stream international UFC Fight Nights live, as well as on-demand videos at a convenient time for them. Additionally, the service employs the technology that permits subscribers to start viewing an event in progress, or begin watching from the start of the event. The interface makes it easy for fans to evade “spoilers”.

UFC.TV Pay per View

UFC Pay-per-view events are sold separately from the UFC Fight Pass subscription, allowing users to stream single live events for $54.99, and replays for $9.99. Fight replays are available on UFC fight Pass.

So, once you make the payment, the content will be made available for unlimited viewing for up to 24 hours from purchase, after which customers will have to re-purchase the video to continue streaming that event. The 24 hour access rule to paid content applies to all customers using the PPV option, regardless of whether the event or purchases was live or a replay version.

UFC.TV Participating Devices

The UFC online stream is available on multiple devices including:

• iPhone and iPod Touch – download the UFC TV app to view all UFC events Live or on-demand

• iPad

• Android

• Blackberry

• Apple TV for streaming on your TV

• Roku – available in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland

• Samsung Smart TV and Blu-Ray Disc Players

• LG Smart TV

Watch UFC free online

Considering the costly options to stream UFC live events and archived videos on UFC.TV, many fans would have to miss out on most events unless there was a way to view them for free. Fortunately, there are several websites that offer UFC live stream for free, including the following: this is an incredibly popular website for streaming all sports online for free. To watch UFC online for free, simply check the time of the event and get down to watching. There are multiple channels to choose from, so if one of them is not working properly, you can just pick another one at absolutely no charge.

There are a number of other sports that you can view on Sportlemon. Among them are live college football games, as well as live NHL Hockey games. this site has every sport sorted in categories, which will make it for fans to spot the UFC category, find the particular event they want to stream, install clients for your device, and get comfortable as you watch your favorite UFC fighter fight.

Some of the clients (streaming video software) that you may have to install include common P2P applications, like SopCast, StreamTorrent, Flash, AceStream, and VLC for either Mac or Windows. Wizwig is also the destination spot to watch live NFL games, as well as NBA basketball, and MLB baseball games. the site offers streams of all major sporting events in the world, as well as online results, recordings, and scores. There are also archived videos for fans to view over and over.

However, there are many channels and sources, which may make it a little hard to find your UFC event. But this should not bother you, since you still get the UFC live stream for free. unlike the former site, Laola1 offers a pleasant platform to navigate and watch events. The sports are grouped in categories and leagues, which makes it easy for fans to access the event they want to stream.

Live videos are not in HD, though the site contains HD archived videos of both major and minor sort events. No pre-installations are necessary, just click on the event videos to access UFC streaming for free.

Another popular site is, which contains massive categories of popular sports. So, select the sport you want, then pick a channel and start watching. It is simple, though users are required to download a free desktop app.

While these sites offer UFC streaming for free, most of them place ads in their streams, which may obstruct your view. The video feed may also not be very clear, but with a good internet connection and streaming device, you should enjoy your UFC fights online for free.

 Watch UFC Per-Per-View (PPV) Fights Online

Back in the day, the only way cash strapped UFC fans could stream live pay per view fights online was through the online streaming platform. Fast forward to this era, where we see the UFC making an about face regarding online streaming. They no longer tolerate illegal streaming, and will sue anyone and everyone who streams their content illegally.

Ask the bar owner in Boston, who got caught illegally streaming UFC Pay-Per-View fights. Once exposed, the UFC immediately filed suit against him for copyright infringement.

Even whose online video content is mainly rebroadcast by their users was sued by the UFC. However the case was later thrown out. Defeat in the court room didn’t necessarily slow down the UFC as they started suing their own fans.

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