UNC Football Live Stream

Fans of the University of North Carolina no longer need to feel guilty for not being able to support their team while they are playing. This article will give you a step by step instruction guide on how to watch UNC football online at the comforts of your own home, preferably with a few bottles of beer nearby!

First things first, you would need to make sure you have the necessary equipment. In this case you would need a PC, laptop or any mobile device in order to watch UNC football live online.

In any case, you would need a stable internet connection in order to stream the video well without any interruption, unless you want the added benefit of either nausea or migraine. High quality earphones would be necessary to recreate the lively atmosphere of the game in your own room.

Having said that, here are some tips to guide you to the right streaming websites.


GoHeels.com is the official website of the University of North Carolina sports teams and this is the best venue to watch North Carolina football online because they offer it free of charge.

Scroll down to the GoHeels TV area and click on the first header option “Live Events Schedule”. This link would then redirect you to the upcoming live events page of the university’s sports events. To make it easier, you could filter by sport and click football to see only the events related to that sport. The date and time as well as a description would be displayed. As for the link to the lives stream itself, it would be displayed under the View/Listen Speed header.

In order to watch live UNC football, you would have to register for an account, which would just take a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, this online streaming platform is not free and would require at least $9.95 a month for membership. The thing about this membership is that you get better quality streaming, and if you are a fan, this is definitely a good investment.

Alternative Live Streams

If you are not amenable to paying a membership fee, you could always opt for free options online, although you would have to remember that these would be way inferior in terms of quality. The live stream would most likely be intermittent and choppy, not to mention delayed at times. Popular options would be Livestream and USTREAM. The best way is to search for specific matches instead of using the search function on the website itself, which is filtered through channels instead of events. In some live streams, they would even have a channel dedicated to different universities, although these would more likely be dedicated to videos of previous matches.

About The North Carolina Tar Heels

The North Carolina Tar Heels is the collective name of the athletic teams of the University of North Carolina, including the football team, which has ACC championships in 1963, 1971, 1972, 1977, and 1980. Their best final ranking is number 3 according to the Associated Press.