VIP Box Live Stream Review – is it LEGAL?

The demand for free sports streaming is very high, which helps explain why live streaming on VIP Sports Box is very popular right now. What makes VIP Sports Box one of the sites we discourage sports fans to avoid is because they stream pirated, illegal content.

Cons of using VIP Box to watch sports

While you can watch soccer live on VIP Sports, this streaming service isn’t without problems.

  • Most of the streaming videos are of decent quality, but you’ll run into some that are barely watchable.
  • Sometimes logging in is difficult when there are too many users.
  • First time visitors might get confused by all the ads.
  • The video player is very basic.

How to watch live sports online for free – 100% legal

Here are 5 ways to stream live TV online legally. That’s right, you heard it, free and legal. Each of the excellent TV channels below offers a free trial period for new customers, ranging from 5 days to one month. Have a look below and you can choose which channel is best for you.

Most have a similar range of sports on offer, so why not try them all over a period of time and you can maybe sign up for one permanently afterward.

DirecTV Now

The first one up is DirecTV Now. A great channel for sports lovers. If you’re interested in NBA, soccer, European PGA Tour Golf, Formula 1, and much more, then this is a super channel to watch sports online for free.

It’s a fantastic way to watch sports from your own front room, with a few beers, and get your buddies around, or just watch it on your own while the wife, or husband, go out shopping.

To access DirecTV you have to register for an account first where you’ll be eligible for a free trial period of 7 days. Why wait, join up now and get those 7 days free and start watching your favorite teams right now.

Hulu PlayStation

Next up is Hulu PlayStation, where you can also sign up for free. This time it is a whole month free. Just imagine that, a month of free sports. Why not wait until you know your team are playing some of the best games of the year and then choose the perfect month to watch all those major games.

The great thing about Hulu is that it has a massive range of live sports, from NBA, soccer, and Golf. Channels include ESPN, Golf, and CBS Sports.

Hulu is linked up via your PlayStation, so you have the comfort of switching between the two when you want. Watch a game of soccer, then play a game of soccer. Most of us sports fans are also fans of sports games on the PlayStation, so it’s a perfect combination.

PlayStation Vue

Vue, via PlayStation, also has a free trial. This time the period is only for 5 days. Not as long as the others, but it is well worth looking into as you’re spoilt for choice on the number of sports channels you can watch online.

Yet again, sports you can watch include NBA, soccer, Golf, Tennis, and a selection of motorsports. The channels Vue has on offer are ESPN, Esports, Fox, Golf, NBA TV, and plenty more.

Vue is a great online method of watching TV, particularly sports, and although the free trial is quite short, it’s definitely worth giving it a go.

Sling TV

Let’s not forget SlingTV as well. This time there is a 7-day free trial available to watch sports live in your home.

Sling TV covers the usual range of sports and has a fantastic amount of channels to choose from if you decide to sign up afterward.

Channels available are ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, NFL network, and much more. Sling Blue also enables you to watch the English Premier League via NBC sports.


Fancy watching sports live through your favorite channel YouTube, well they actually have a TV channel now and you can watch sports live through it. You can watch it on your TV, mobile, or laptop, which is extremely handy.

This time the trial period is for 14 days. All you have to do is sign up and agree to the terms and conditions and you can get a whole two weeks for free. How does that sound?

This channel has all the usual ones, FOX, the sports network, Golf, Tennis Channel, and of course ESPN.
So what are you waiting for? You have plenty of free choices of sports out there. Why not try them all and spread them out over a couple of months, then you can decide which one you like the look of.

I’m a massive sports fan and have tried all of the above channels. They are all worth trailing for the free period, you have nothing to lose. You might even be persuaded to join up for a longer period once you have seen what channels and sports are on offer.

These days going to the actual events are expensive, and people just don’t have the time. So with these free trials, you can have a go and see which ones are for you. Try it first, free sports are out there waiting to be watched.