Watch Boston Celtics Live Stream Online

Boston Celtics is tied with a 2 wins and 2 loses standing for their 2014-15 Preseason Conference and hopes to lighten things up with Jeff Green who’s returning after his recovery, though not yet fully, from a left calf injury. He hopes to make his preseason debut this Wednesday against Toronto Raptors.

Though Celtics’ veteran Gerald Wallace would be taking a pause due to an apparent knee bone bruise and point guard Rajon Rondo still can’t help the team due to a broken hand, coach Brad Stevens is expecting the Green-Turner duo to play heavy roles to fill the gaps and recuperate from two consecutive losses.

Want to watch Boston Celtics basketball online? Well here are some of the most popular sites where you can stream Boston Celtics basketball online.

5 Popular Sites to Watch Boston Celtics Basketball Online (

NBA Stream is a free live streaming site where you can stream NBA games in real-time live telecast. All you need is an updated FLV media player to watch live basketball games at the comfort of your home.

To watch your favorite teams, you just have to click on the team logo which you can find in the homepage. You can then see a list of schedules for the team you picked including the time, date, and countdown for the next game.

The good thing is that the site’s interface is not too complicated making it user-friendly. Another plus is the countdown timer for the next game schedules for you to have an exact estimation on the matches that you are looking forward to. You can also choose from five different channels which makes it really convenient if one channel encounters technical problems.

The only thing which might bug you is perhaps the ads. Ads are present on-screen so you need to close them first before having a full unobstructed view of the game you are currently watching. (

This site quenches your thirst for sports-related news and updates. You can also watch replays and live streams of on-going games if you are a registered member, which means paying a monthly subscription. Its safe, ad-free, high resolution video quality makes the membership fee worth it.

However, if you are on a tight budget and can’t sacrifice a few hundred bucks for an annual or monthly subscription, there is still a way to watch your ball game live. All you have to do is watch ESPN3 on XBMC, a multi-platform media application. You can have access to the live streams and video feeds using any device you have despite not being a paid subscriber of ESPN. XBMC needs to install an ESPN plug-in or add-on for you to continue and enjoy your games. ( offers a service to fans in which a fan can have game access to all live streams of all teams and all games through a package called the NBA League Pass. You can choose from two packages depending on your budget – either from an annual or a monthly membership.

The package includes live, archived and condensed games & in-game highlights which encompasses every regular season, all-star games, play-offs, NBA finals game, season game in archive, most preseason games, and summer league games in high-definition with features like multi-game viewing, play markers, stats module, and multiple viewing modes.

You can avail of the said packages through multiple platforms just like Apple TV, XBOX 360, Google Play, App Store, Amazon, AppStore, and Playstation. However, this service might not be available in your country so please visit for more details.

NBA Live (

NBA Live Online shares a somewhat similar site interface with NBA-Stream. However, it is not limited to NBA games alone. It promotes its affiliate site for movies, too.

The difference between NBA Live Online and NBA-Stream is the number of ad partners. NBA Live Online has more ad partners which might be annoying for some fans who are looking for a hassle-free way of watching their favorite teams battle for glory in the hard court. Also, NBA Live Online shows more scheduled games up to three days in advance to give visitors more information on the upcoming NBA games. (

A reliable and free site for all your sports needs, Stream2Watch offers a wide range of live streams, links, and TV programs worldwide fit for sports enthusiasts like you. Basically having an almost similar site interface with WiziWig which is another live streaming source, the site boasts its easy user interface for quick and enjoyable streaming.

No registration is needed for you to have access to any video you want to watch and also is not asking for any membership fee. Click directly on the link of the basketball game you want to enjoy and you’re good to go.

The thing is, Stream2Watch doesn’t host the videos, which may cause problems with the video quality. The good thing is that the site provides sufficient links for you to choose from, whichever is suitable to your taste and meets your expectations.

I hope these suggestions help. Choose the best option for you, paid or free, to watch Boston Celtics live streams.