How To Stream Live NHL Games Online

While hockey fans enjoy watching their favorite sport on their large screen TVS, there is growing interest in online NHL live streaming. When you have no access to a television, like when at the office or traveling, you can easily watch a hockey game live on your PC, Android device, or iOS device. There are several websites that offer NHL live streaming for free, though some require subscriptions. The following are some common options for you to watch live hockey games:

NHL Extra by NBC

NHL Extra is an NBC feature that allows users to watch full replays of hockey games that were aired on NBC for free. Users also have access to basic DVR functions. In addition, NHL Extra offers free live NHL games every Sunday afternoon – the marquee Sunday afternoon game – from 1230 hrs EST/EDT time.

The NBC Sports Live Extra app


With the Android, PC or iOS version of this app, users can stream hockey games broadcast by NBC for free. The app has great features for hockey fans, including online coverage schedules, live events streaming, full event replays, notifications for upcoming events, and video on-demand – preview upcoming events, access video clips, and check out the highlights from past events.

Those with cable have an advantage since most live streaming content is only available to authenticated satellite, cable and Telco clients via TV everywhere. So, cable users can access hockey games online via the app, as long as they log in using their cable TV credentials. You can also watch live PGA tour tournaments, NASCAR races, and MLS soccer games live on the NBC Sports Extra platform.

NHL GameCenter Live


If you find the one free game per week option offered by NBC inadequate to quench your thirst for the energetic hockey games, then this NHL’s official paid subscription service may be just what you need. For a one-time payment of $49.99 or two equal payment of $24.99, you can enjoy NHL live streaming of all out-of-market games for the entire season and watch the games later on-demand. This is the reduced price for the shortened season. NHL GameCenter Live is a great option, especially if you enjoy watching live hockey games on your tablet or smartphone, though all games played in your local market will not be available for live streaming. However, NHL provides the games 48 hours after their completion, which is the same case with multiple games broadcast nationally.

NHL GameCenter app


You can stream live NHL hockey games on many devices including Apple TV, Roku, PS3, PS4, XBox 360, and Sony Devices. You can also watch on-the-go using your IOS, Blackberry and Android devices, though you will be required to download the free NHL GameCenter app from the respective app store, and link your NHL GameCenter Live account to your device.

Fans with a Verizon tablet or Verizon LTE smartphone can get a free premium upgrade, which gives them access to NHL on-the-fly – a nightly show of analysis, highlights, and live look-ins.

This app also allows users to listen to live game audio streams online.

Nowadays, thanks to the new technologies, people are using more and more the services of online streaming to watch their favorites show, and even some online platforms that are focused on the entertainment are gaining more and more audience. There are lots of people that even dare to say that TV is dying and the new way of entertainment are the ones we follow online. Whether that statement is true or not, the big companies are investing their own money to create new online platforms so people are able to see their favorite shows and movies in any place and through any device.


One of the most economics and well known platforms to watch TV online is SlingTV. This is a service that provides on-demand TV programs as well a live TV, however, you can watch its programming on your computer, on your cell phone or at any other smart device you have available.

All you need is a good internet connection. Apart from that, that is one of the cheapest services on the market with only 20 USD rent per month, and 30 regular channels available. Another option is to buy another other package that is called “Sling Blue” with slightly more channels with a cost of 25 USD per month, or you can merge the two plans and pay 40 USD a month for all the channels they have available. Another great deal is that you can try their services for free during the first week to see if you like the product.


A merge of some mayor companies like Disney, Comcast, and 21st Century Fox and Time Warner have the world a streaming service called HULU. This service allows you to enjoy your favorite shows as well as movies on the commodity of your computer or any other mobile device.

With Hulu, you can watch tv shows, movies and even Hulu’s original content, depending the package you want to buy. You can buy the limited commercial package that costs 5 USD (because of a special limited offer, in general the service costs 7USD) and enjoy their regular programming, TV shows, classics, original content and kids show, also their service offers the first month for free.

For 11USD you can enjoy all their programming without any commercial interruption and the first week for free. And lastly, the Hulu with live TV package allows you to enjoy all their entertainment with live TV and on demand for 50+top channels for 40 USD and also, the first week for free.


Playstation is one of the biggest companies when it comes to gaming, but they also jump on the wagon of the online streaming community with their Playstation Vue, available for Playstation 3 and 4. This service comes with 75 main channels you can enjoy with a cost of 75 USD with a 5 day free trial offer. One of the main attractions of this service is, unlike SlingTV, you can pause every time you want and also you can record show up to five days.


We all know YouTube as the biggest platforms of online entertainment I which people can enjoy music, shows and any type of video people want to share with the world. So I should not come like a surprise the act that YouTube expanded their platform and created YouTube TV in which people can watch regular TV shows and sports channels. This service costs 35 USD and the first month is a free trial.


Another big fish of the entertainment is DIRECTV, this giant worldwide company also joins the trend of online entertainment and put disposition DIRECTV PLAY for their costumer. This service is completely free for costumers whom don’t have any debt on their bills and for prepaid consumers who have positive balance in their accounts. People can enjoy their programming 24hous a day on their commodity of their computers, cell phone, iPads or tablets. However, to enjoy HBO GO, people need have a premium subscription.