Watch Iowa Basketball Live Stream For Free

As a hardcore Iowa Hawkeyes fan, their performance last season may not have met your expectations. And seeing them eliminated in the first round of the NCAA tournament might have been very painful to watch, but things are surely looking up for your team this year.

With Devyn Marble’s departure, Mike Gessel has always been ready to step up and fill in that void. He’s proven himself to be the best guard replacement, who even led in assist percentage in the last season. Head coach Fran McCaffery knows that his team also has immense potential in the likes of Anthony Clemmons, Josh Oglesby, Peter Jok, and new recruits Trey Dickerson and Brady Ellingston to help fill in the roles Marble has left behind.

Another key player, Jarrod Uthoff has the potential to lead the scoring for the team and if McCaffery can devise a good strategy to include and take advantage of Adam Woodbury’s strengths in low-post conversions, he could create extremely competitive and strong scoring options for the team.

In fact, scoring is not a weakness for Iowa. They led the scoring in the last season at 81.5 ppg. What they really need to work on is how to stop opposing teams more effectively. They were ranked second to the last in terms of defensive performance. A better Iowa defense should be an exciting prospect to look forward to.

With the new season ready to officially kickoff in the next month, and with your excitement mounting to an almost insatiable degree, here are ways you can see college sports games on schedule and watch Iowa Hawkeyes basketball online, especially if you do not have any cable subscription.


It is said that more than 40% of all the sports games played in a season are broadcast by ESPN, to the enlightenment of fans, the games are then streamed live on ESPN3 simultaneously. In the US, any individual who has a fast internet subscription almost always get access to ESPN3’s live video programs without being asked for a cable subscription.

With ESPN3, you can enjoy streaming more than one game (up to four) at the same time. You can also chat with other fans during a game with its user chat feature. However, access to the site is exclusive to an ISP affiliate, which means you cannot use it if your ISP does not pay ESPN.

ABC Online (

This is not a usual recommendation when you are looking to follow and watch Iowa Hawkeyes basketball online, perhaps because it is not available in all locations. But if you are lucky to be living in Southern California, Philadelphia, Chicago, NYC, or Houston, you will have the special privilege of visiting live streams from this very popular TV network.

You will be asked to confirm your location every time you visit their web page. ABC live stream app is also available on Android and iOS apps.

Conference-Specific Apps

ACC app

This app is available free for Android and iOS devices to download. It supports all ACC conference sports and provides coverage for live games with real-time stats, team standings, news and highlights. You can also get updated with the 2014-2015 ACC Men’s Basketball broadcast schedules. There’s one thing to note though – live games will not be available on older versions of the iPod Touch.

The ACC app also offers subscriptions that start at $7.99 monthly for season-long coverage.

Big10 app (BTN2Go)

Access to a BTN requires a TV provider before you get to the live streams. But if you do not have the Big ten network subscription, BTN2Go or BTN Plus is a viable option that starts at $14.95 for a monthly subscription for all schools in the conference. But if you only want to have access and watch Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball online, it is available for $9.95 monthly only.

PAC12 app

This app is also available free on Android and iOS devices to download. This gives you access to live streaming and events in all sports featuring PAC-12 member schools, another option for you have streaming Iowa basketball games online.

The app also allows you to see updated scores, game recaps, highlights, analyst insights, and even share with other users what you are watching through Facebook and Twitter.


This is the official website of the Southeastern Conference. To get access, you must select a TV provider and log in with your information. The network is also accessible on and Android and iOS devices.

One More Paid Option

CBS Sports ULive

CBS Sports Live works as an aggregator and aggregates all the conference channels such as the Big Ten network, Pac-12 network, or even the team-specific Longhorn network and ACC for the amount of $17.95 monthly subscription, which can be pricey, especially for a student. But it does give you access to more than just basketball games.

One thing you can do if you want to watch a game that is not offered in other media is to avail of the free trial for a week. Just make sure to cancel subscription before your trial period expires to avoid getting charged with the monthly fee.

Besides these available sites and apps, both free and paid options, some mobile providers may include and offer live streaming packages on ESPN games. Sprint and Verizon are two mobile networks that introduce these packages as add-ons to give you coverage of some of the major games on ESPN right at your fingertips.