Watch Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Online Free

If you happen to be a fan of NCAA basketball, you know how frustrating it can be when the games you want to see are not televised. Luckily, there is a solution for this problem that doesn’t even involve a cost. Let’s say you want to watch Kansas basketball online for free. There are several websites that provide live video streaming so that fans can watch Jayhawks games live whenever they happen to play.

While some video streaming services such as pay per view options and the website LiveTV4Ever require users to pay for their services, there are also sites that will stream watch sports online free of charge from your favorite mobile device.

ESPN3 Offers Live Video Streaming For Comcast XFinity Customers

If you already have an XFinity television package or any level of XFinity Internet service that includes the ESPN channel, then you already have access to everything that ESPN3 has to offer. ( To stream Kansas basketball online free from your computer, simply visit WatchESPN or XFinity TV Go. Users will sign in with their existing Comcast ID and password in order to be able to view the games. For using ESPN3 on mobile devices, simply download the WatchESPN app or the XFinity TV Go app. These apps can be found and downloaded from the iTunes store or from Google Play.

First Row Sports For Live Streaming NCAA Video Action

Another website where users can watch Kansas basketball online free is After selecting your category, choose the game you wish to view. You will then be given a link to click on that will open in a separate tab. On the page you are directed to, click on the video to begin live streaming action for your viewing pleasure.

Wiziwig.TV To Watch Jayhawks Games Live

On the Wiziwig main page you will see a tab that allows you to click on the “Live Sports” option. ( Select the particular sport you wish to view from the available options. You will then see a list of all of the currently available games that are streaming live. Simply click on the link that says “Live”, click on the game of your choice, then choose the Play Now option.

VIPBOX Sports To Stream Kansas Basketball Online Just click on the icon that represents your favorite sport, in this case, the basketball. This site does not require any downloading or use of an app of any kind. Choose the game that you wish to view, then click on it. Next, you will be shown a box that provides an HD Flash link for you to click on. Flash Player must be installed on your computer in order for this link to work.

Watch Jayhawks Games Live On Your Mobile Device

If you’d like to follow the Jayhawks games on your iPhone or iPad mobile device, download the free Livestream app from iTunes to do so. This app allows users to watch live events, including sports broadcasts from all over the world. ( For Android devices, users can use the Sports Stream Live app which can be downloaded from Google Play. This app allows users to view almost every live sporting event as it happens, all free and right from their mobile device. ( Keep in mind that while these apps are free to download and use, if you are using your mobile data plan, you may incur data usage charges.


With so many other expenses to have to worry about these days, it’s nice to know that you can still watch your favorite college basketball games through live streaming video for free. Whether at home or on the go, these free services allow users to keep up with their favorite teams throughout the season.