Oregon Ducks Basketball Live Stream

Although the University of Oregon has become synonymous with football success in the past decade that is a relatively new occurrence. Until the 1980’s the football program at Oregon was a long suffering one that had enjoyed very little success. Since then they’ve become one of the best programs in the country and on a national level at least has come to overshadow the Oregon basketball program. It is the basketball program, however, that has a greater legacy of success.

The University of Oregon played their first season of collegiate basketball in 1902-1903 and within a few decades had become one of the best programs in the country. The won the NCAA championship in 1939 and have been a fixture in the tournament ever since with the exception of some lean years in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Ernie Kent took over as head coach in 1997 and guided them back to competitiveness. He left the program in 2010 as the winningest coach in Oregon history. Kent was replaced by former Creighton University coach Dana Altman who holds the position currently.

Like the football team, Ducks’ basketball has benefited from the University of Oregon’s relationship with Nike founder Phil Knight. After playing in venerable McArthur Court for nearly 80 years the school replaced it with a modern $227 million facility named Michael Knight Arena to honor Phil Knight’s son who died in a scuba diving accident in 2004. The facility was the most expensive on-campus basketball arena in the United States at the time it opened in 2011 and it’s unique architectural design (by Portland based TVA Architects) drew a fair amount of criticism. Others have praised it for helping upgrade the program and reflecting the University of Oregon in a very positive light.

Playing in the Pac 12 conference, the Ducks basketball team is on TV quite a bit. Like many West Coast schools they’re often programmed as the ‘late game’ in ESPN double and tripleheader basketball broadcasts. Other Pac 12 games show up on regional sports networks as well at the conference’s own TV network which is available on many cable and satellite systems. Fans can also find a Oregon basketball live stream on ESPN3, the network’s online streaming service.

Even if a game isn’t being broadcast nationally on one of the ESPN broadcast networks it can typically be found on ESPN3 which features a wide selection of games from all major sports as well as first rate video and audio quality. There are several downsides, however, and streaming Oregon basketball games live on ESPN3 can be tricky even if you do have a subscription, Their access system will sometimes deny legitimate cable users and the entire service is unavailable outside the United States.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to watch Oregon basketball online free of charge. No matter what the sports TV networks are broadcasting or where you are in the world it’s possible to find streaming Oregon games live on the Internet. The first place to check is one of several top websites that provide curated lists of the sports and games available for live streaming. At this time the top streaming sports destinations include wiziwig.tv, first row sports, vipboxsports, stream2watch.me. These sites often change domain names so it’s worth doing a Google search to track down the specific URL. There are often new sites coming online as well so a Google search may yield new sources of live streaming.

A high profile college like Oregon should be easy to find online and always check multiple sites since if one site doesn’t have a link to a game another one might. The extent of live sports streaming available online is amazing–you can find US and North American sports like NFL football, NHL hockey and college basketball but sports from around the world. Not only should a Oregon basketball live stream be easy to find but you’ll be able to choose from several different streaming speeds to find the one that works best for your personal Internet setup.

Once you find a stream to watch Oregon basketball online free there are a number of ways to enjoy the action. If you’ve got a big monitor you can watch it on your computer or you can access it with your laptop, iPad or phone. Streaming set top boxes like Roko or Google Chromecast is an excellent way to watch live streams since you can enjoy them on your TV set.