Watch San Antonio Basketball Game Live Stream

The San Antonio Spurs are the embodiment of consistent success. There may not be another team in professional sports that have maintained such a high competitive level for so many years. San Antonio is the defending NBA champion and has won a total of five titles. Only three other NBA teams have won more–the Boston Celtics (17), Los Angeles Lakers (16) and Chicago Bulls (6). All five of the Spurs’ NBA titles have come with head coach Greg Popovich at the helm. Popovich took the job in 1996 and is now the longest-serving head coach in any major North American sports league.

Only four teams survived from the American Basketball Association (ABA) when the league merged with the NBA in 1976. The Spurs were one of the ‘survivors’, but that appeared unlikely when they began play as the Dallas Chaparrals in 1967. The team was only minimally popular among the residents of the Metroplex and the team relocated to San Antonio in 1973. In 1976, they would join the NBA along with the New York Nets, Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers as the ABA ceased to exist. They would enjoy a fair amount of success in their first years as an NBA team winning five divisional titles in their first seven years in the league. At that point, the Spurs were a decent team but not one considered a legitimate championship threat.

By the mid-1980’s, the Spurs had taken a downturn that resulted in several losing seasons. It also resulted in the drafting of David Robinson, who joined the team in 1989 following his US Navy commitment. San Antonio was a consistent winner during the Robinson era with the exception of the 1996-97 season when he played only six games due to injury. The Spurs found some upside during this year of adversity and drafted Tim Duncan out of Wake Forest. Combined with the hiring of Greg Popovich as head coach, drafting Duncan help provide the foundation of the Spurs’ eventual dynasty.

Fans who would like to watch Spurs game live are fortunate in that they’re frequently featured on national TV broadcasts. As one of the marquee teams in the league, both ESPN and TNT try to broadcast their games at every opportunity. Locally, Fox Sports Southwest provides the majority of live game coverage with other San Antonio stations broadcasting a few games a year. While they might be on TV often it’s not easy to find a dependable San Antonio Spurs live stream for online viewing. Fox Sportsnet doesn’t stream NBA games on any of their regional affiliate stations. TNT provides limited online coverage of their NBA games while ESPN’s online streaming makes available virtually all of the games they broadcast.

The serious fan can watch most of the San Antonio schedule by subscribing to the NBA League Pass. This package is offered by most cable and satellite providers and broadcasts virtually the entire NBA schedule. Fans looking for a streaming Spurs basketball game online are in luck–the NBA League Pass has a full featured digital platform that is available on computers, tablets and smartphones. This package is costly, however, and will set you back $199 for TV and digital access.

A much better option is to watch San Antonio Spurs online for free. This method provides the viewer with the widest selection of games and a number of options for how to watch them. There are many online sports streams available for just about every US and international league. They’re not difficult to find–websites including Wiziwig, Stream2Watch, and others provide comprehensive directories of live streams grouped by sport and league. With the worldwide popularity of NBA basketball, you’ll have no problem finding a San Antonio Spurs live stream or even a radio stream for tonight game.

Once you find the streaming Spurs basketball game online you’ll have a number of options to provide the best possible viewing experience. You’ll be able to select from a variety of stream speeds that will enable you to find the best one for your computer and Internet connection. At that point, you’ve got several ways to watch Spurs game live. The easiest method is on your computer and with a large monitor and robust sound system that’s as good as HDTV. In addition, you can watch the stream on a tablet/smartphone or a streaming box attached to your television set. No matter how you choose to watch it you’ll be able to get every Spurs game free of charge!