Watch Stanford Football Online

The Stanford University Football team competes in the tough Pacific 12 Conference. If you are among their countless fans, you can watch them battle other teams like its bitter rival Notre Dame and Washington online. There are several good websites you can visit if you want to catch a Stanford game live game online.

Free Streaming

Many people would naturally want to watch Stanford football online without paying for anything. Fortunately for them, there are lots of websites that offer free streaming of football games on the Internet. One of these websites is does not only cater to college football. Aside from providing college football fans with the opportunity to watch Stanford football live stream, the website also streams basketball, hockey, tennis, boxing, and other sports events.

The website is easy to use, as all the live streams currently online are shown on its home page. In case the list is too long for a diehard fanatic of Stanford Cardinal football team, they can click on the NCAA Football section located on the topmost part of the homepage. The browser will then show only the feeds that stream NCAA football games.

To view a Stanford football streaming, viewers simply have to click on the ‘video’ icon. The browser will display several links which can be clicked to open a new page. However, the viewer also has to download a flash player so that the live stream will be played.

Once a required flash or media player has been downloaded and installed on the computer, the viewer can start watching Stanford football games. Patience is needed because there will be times when the page buffers for minutes until the video starts. Audio and video quality may also suffer depending on the Internet connection of the viewer.

Another website that followers of the Cardinal football team can bookmark on their browsers is This is a free sports stream style website which anyone can visit online. Navigating through the website is easy and hassle free, as viewers simply have to look for current online streams, click on the links, and watch anytime, anywhere.

Like, there are streams on MyP2P that requires additional software. The browser will prompt you if there is a required software to play the feed clicked on by the viewer. can also work on mobile devices like smartphones, although the website is best viewed using the Skyfire browser.


The most common complaint of viewers who visit free online streaming websites is that buffering can take up so much time. Additionally, audio and video quality tend to suffer. Not to worry as there are alternatives where the streaming is pretty good. For one, you can download WatchESPN.

WatchESPN is available as an app, although it can also be accessed through an Internet browser by clicking on this URL: Viewers need to be subscribers of cable TV providers accredited by ESPN.