Watch Tennessee Football Online

The fans of University Of Tennessee football always come out to watch, although the last year’s losing record may not have been very palatable for some folks. Nonetheless, as a fan of the Volunteers you are probably determined to watch all their games, regardless. And even if you can’t get to a TV, you can still watch Tennessee football online.

There are several options you can try, such as:

  • The SEC Network. This is the new network that carries a lot of SEC games, and it has a digital platform you can check out. Essentially, if you are a cable TV subscriber and your provider carries the network, then you can watch UT football online on the network’s digital platform. You can also access the networks live stream if your Internet provider is affiliated with the network. Examples of these providers include AT&T U-verse, DISH, Google Fiber and NRTC.
  • ESPN Network. If you are a cable subscriber and you have ESPN, then you can download the WatchESPN app and watch Tennessee Vols football online if the network is carrying the game. You can also access the game if it’s on ESPN3 even if you are not a cable subscriber, provided that your Internet provider is affiliated with ESPN.
  • CBS Sports. The online version of CBS Sports can be accessed, but only through the CBS app which carries a $17.95 monthly subscription rate. This may be a bit steep if you are a student, but to be fair it does offer a lot of sports games beside football.
  • This website enables you to watch Tennessee football live by giving you the free video stream and then indicating which P2P software to download and install. It has the links to the software conveniently on the website, and the channels will be available a few hours before the game. There may also be additional software you have to install to make the stream clearer.
  1. Free websites. These are often rather dubious, especially since the NCAA and the FBI have started clamping down hard on them. These tend to change their addresses a lot, and you will have to Google them to find the latest info.

Unfortunately, a lot of these sites are bogus. Even if you can get Tennessee football live, the screen is rather blurred and the action is choppy. Then there is always the ever-present risk of malware.

  1. Replays. If watching the game live is impossible, then you can always catch the replays. While you may be able to find the game on YouTube, your best bet is to get back to and go to the sports forum section. That’s where you will find kind souls posting links for you to download the game in clear HD.

Your other option is to Google game torrents and download them. Just don’t forget to check the comment section first to see if the actual content of the video is a real Vols game. You will first have to download and install a torrent program to download the game.