Watch VCU Rams Basketball Online

Virginia Commonwealth University basketball has been solidly on the national map ever since their 2011 Final Four appearance. The Rams have been to the NCAA tournament every year since then and now play in the Atlantic 10 Conference. The team’s ascent to being one of the top programs in the country began with the hiring of Shaka Smart as head coach in 2009.

VCU has won nearly 75% of their games in the five seasons Smart has been at the helm and he’s turned down several lucrative job offers to stay where he’s at. The VCU Rams basketball team is now unquestionably the most important athletic program at the Richmond, Virginia school. VCU plays their home games in the 7,617 capacity Siegel Center arena which is alternately called the ‘HavocDome’ by Rams’ fans in reference to Coach Smart’s infamous style of play which he’s dubbed ‘Havoc’.

Despite the fact that VCU is now a well known and respected program it’s not always easy to find their games on TV. This is particularly true outside of the Central Virginia area. ESPN and the other national sports networks would much rather show teams from the ACC or Big 10 meaning that VCU’s national TV appearances are limited in number. It can be very frustrating for VCU fans outside of the Richmond area when they can’t find their team’s games anywhere on cable or satellite TV.

Thanks to the explosion in technology and the Internet, however, it’s now easy for Rams’ fans to watch a VCU basketball live stream from anywhere in the world. The first place to check is the ESPN website and specifically their ESPN3 online streaming service. ESPN3 routinely broadcasts lower profile sporting events like the Canadian Football League and events that don’t attract the viewership to justify airing on television like game replays and coaches’ press conferences.

During college football and basketball season they also broadcast games involving smaller programs including mid-majors like VCU. The ESPN3 stream is also available from tablets and phones but requires a cable TV subscription to access it. Streaming VCU basketball games live on ESPN3 can be a hassle even if you *do* have service since their verification system is often fickle and inaccurate.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to watch VCU basketball online free of charge. The best place to start is one of several websites that aggregate all of the free sports streaming options available online. The specific sites change from time to time but currently the top streaming sports destinations include, first row sports, vipboxsports, These sites often have multiple domain names through which they can be accessed so it’s worth doing a Google search to track down the specific URL.

To access a VCU Rams basketball live stream through one of the aforementioned sites you just need to click on the ‘live sports’ section and look for the college basketball listings. Most of the time if a game is being broadcast anywhere you can find a stream on this type of website. Many of the streams you find will be Flash based and will be as easy to access as a YouTube video. Others require the installation of a third party application like StreamTorrent or AceStream but are then capable of supporting a faster and clearer stream.

It may take a search on several sites to find streaming VCU basketball games live but the amount of games, sports and leagues from the US and Europe is very impressive. Some sites have a greater focus on European and International sports (soccer, Formula 1 racing, cricket) while others emphasize US and North American sports like NFL football, NHL hockey and college basketball. In many cases you’ll have the option of selecting streams of different bandwidth speeds to find the one that works the best with your Internet connection.

Once you find a stream to watch VCU basketball online free you’re not necessarily stuck watching it on your computer. Many streams are compatible with tablets and smartphones. Even better–with set top boxes like Roku or Google Chromecast you can easily watch the stream on your television set with the click of a button. It’s the best way to watch the sporting events you want to see live from anywhere in the world.