Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Live Stream

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is considered by many to be the most competitive conference in college hoops. Aside from the Pac 12 conference (which benefits from the record 11 championships won by UCLA) the ACC has won more NCAA Championships than any other conference in the country. The ACC includes some of the major powers of college basketball including Duke, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Syracuse. Also in the mix is the University of Virginia which has managed to build a very competitive basketball program while playing in the toughest conference in the sport.

The Virginia Cavaliers have played intercollegiate basketball since 1905 and enjoyed a good deal of success in the first half of the 20th century. Starting in the early 1950’s, however, the Virginia basketball program started to regress and were decidedly non-competitive throughout the 50’s, 60’s and early 1970’s. The turnaround began with the hiring of Terry Holland as head coach. Since Holland took over the job the University of Virginia has consistently played winning basketball. Also during the Holland regime, Virginia welcomed the most highly decorated player in their history. 7’4″ center Ralph Sampson won the National ‘Player of the Year’ award three times during his stay at the University of Virginia and went on to play in the NBA for over a decade.

While the University of Virginia isn’t the most high profile team in their conference the affiliation with the ACC does mean that they’re on television frequently. Fans can frequently find a Virginia Cavaliers basketball live stream on ESPN3, the network’s online streaming service. The ESPN3 platform supplements the network’s television offerings and offers a much wider variety of sports and teams. The ESPN3 stream is also available from tablets and smart phones but you’ll have to have a cable TV subscription to access it.

Streaming Virginia basketball games live on ESPN3 can present problems even if you do have a subscription–their access verification system is balky and will sometimes deny access for no reason. In addition, the ACC syndicates their games extensively in conjunction with Charlotte, NC based production company Raycom Sports. While they don’t have their own ‘stand alone’ TV network the syndicated broadcasts reach an estimated 90 million homes, mostly in the Eastern United States. The ACC does offer their own streaming platform that is available for Android and Apple phones and tablets.

If you’re not able to access the games through the above methods there are way to watch Virginia basketball online free of charge. This enables fans from across the country and around the world to view the Cavaliers’ games no matter what their cable system offers. There are a number of popular websites that offer a comprehensive list of the games available for live streaming. Some of the top streaming sports destinations include, first row sports, vipboxsports, These sites often use multiple domain names so it’s worth doing a Google search to track down the specific URL. There are always new sites coming on the scene so a Google search may also yield a new source for live sports streaming.

With the websites listed above it won’t be difficult to find a Virginia Cavaliers basketball live stream. These sits offer not only an exhaustive assortment of North American sports like NFL football, NHL hockey and college basketball but also sports from around the world like soccer, cricket and rugby. In addition, you’ll be able to select from different stream bandwidth speeds to find one that works best with your computer setup and Internet connection. If you have a decent computer and a fast Internet connection you’ll be able to find a stream that will deliver high definition quality video and audio.

After you find a stream to watch Virginia basketball online free you can watch it on your computer (many computers now have monitors that present higher quality video than some televisions) or view it in several other ways. Many streams work with smart phones and tablets or, better still, you can play the stream on a television set via a set top box like a Roku Player or Google Chromecast player. This way it’ll be just like watching the game on cable or satellite only you’ll be completely in control of the games that are available for viewing.