Watch Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Online

The Badgers are poised again for another run at the national championship. They finished with a 30–8 run in the 2013–2014 season with a 12-6 record in the Big Ten. With Head Coach Bo Ryan’s system and high-level program of developing his players to reach their potential, this is a team that can undoubtedly seize a national title.

Even Insider ESPN considers them to be “loaded” this season with recruits like Dekker, Hayes and Kaminsky in Bo Ryan’s roster. Wisconsin is set to play against NKU on November 14th to start off the 2014-2015 season. Do you want to have access to video streaming Wisconsin basketball games online? Here are some of the most popular sites to check out right now.

5 Most Popular Sites to Watch Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Live Streams for Free

1. (

WiziWig provides schedules for all kinds of sports you can watch live online. You only need to download and install a media player to play live streaming video. Choose from Sopcast, TV Ants and TVU, whichever is compatible with your computer

Watching your favorite Wisconsin basketball game online is very easy. Go to the Beginner’s User Guide of the WiziWig home page if it’s your first time to visit the website. It will teach you how to watch the streaming videos. Remember that the site posts links five hours prior to the schedule of the game.


The biggest advantage of using this website is you don’t have to wait for hours for the videos to load. By downloading clients like Sopcast or TVU, you can virtually watch streaming videos with ease.

Another advantage is that you can share information with other fans watching the games through its forum section. You can discuss the latest games and upcoming events with fans from anywhere in the world. You can also ask help in the forum if you are having issues with some of its links.


One thing you might not like from WiziWig is the downloading of a client software. It might have a virus or adware. But a simple solution would be to scan the software before installing it to make sure that any threat to your PC is avoided.

2. First Row Sports (

This website is considered by many as the best resource for live sports streaming for free. FirstRowSports bring you live sporting events as they happen. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and you can start streaming.


The layout of the website is very simple which makes it very easy for you to find and watch live games here. All the games that are happening at the moment are conveniently displayed on the main page. You only have to click on the matches to see the links. There is also a schedule section where you can check when your favorite team Wisconsin Badgers is playing.

Another good thing about this website is that it has minimal advertising. You won’t see many pop ads to distract you while you are watching your games live.


The main disadvantage of this website is time it takes time for some videos to load. If your Internet speed is not fast and the videos buffer most of the time, it could easily disappoint you.

Another disadvantage is that it does not have a forum like WiziWig’s where you can interact with other fans watching streaming sports videos online. Also, if a link does not work, you won’t have anybody to ask help from.

3. (

ESPN3 is another online streaming service where you can watch Wisconsin basketball online. It covers live events and replays of sports and sports-related programs. Fans can watch sports broadcasts and events that are not aired on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU. It is also one of the most reliable sites to watch thousands of live sporting events all over the world.

The main website has a very clean interface. It is very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. But, it is only available to Internet providers that pay a subscription to ESPN.

The solution is to watch ESPN3 on XBMC, a multi-platform media application. It allows fans to stream sports videos from their Mac, Windows, Android, and other devices even if they do not have any paid subscriptions to ESPN. They only have to install an ESPN plugin or add-on.

4. VIPBoxSports (

VIP Box Sports offers free live streaming videos of football, basketball, hockey, tennis and other sports. Once you get to the website, you will see large icons of the different sports that you can stream, which makes it look very organized.


VIP Box Sports is known for having very good stream links. The sound of the videos is usually clear and with good Internet connection, you won’t be disappointed with constant buffering.

Another advantage is that the links are updated and the website itself is reliable and doesn’t suffer from downtime as often as other sports video streaming websites.


If it’s your first time to visit the website, you might get confused with the many ads you will find on the site. Sometimes, it is also difficult to get in when there are too many users using it at the same time.

Lastly, though most of the videos the website offers are of good quality, you will still find others that are not and its video player is very basic. But, with these limitations, you can still count on VIP Sports for its great video streaming services.

5. Stream2Watch (

Stream2Watch is another reliable resource of free access to live sports online. It is a website that provides numerous links for all major sports, as well as some live TV programs from all over the globe. It is said to be similar to WiziWig for having an easy interface that allows you to quickly find what you are looking for.


Its main advantage is that you will never be asked to register for a subscription or pay for any of its streaming services. Simply go to the site and click on any of the links to start streaming your favorite basketball games.


Stream2Watch does not host its stream of videos, which means that the quality of the videos cannot be guaranteed to be high. However, the site provides multiple links from different sources to sample in order to find the best ones.

There you go; your most popular sites to watch Wisconsin basketball online free.