West Virginia Football Live Stream

For those who find it hard to show support for whatever reason, know that you could now watch WVU football online live and for free, and here is how to do it.

With a 712 – 471 – 45 record, the West Virginia Mountaineers ranks 14th in the NCAA FBS program although they are still yet to win a National Championship. Originally categorized as a college division in the late 1930’s, it has since been upgraded to university division two years later in 1939. Fans of the team don the colors old gold and blue in order to manifest their support for the team and to maintain the school spirit alive.

Make sure your internet connection is fast

Let’s face it, would you really want to watch a WVU football game live stream as if it came straight from a pirated DVD? A fast internet connection is a must, on top of the state of the art features that either your laptop or smartphone should possess in order to stream that match without giving you nausea and a bad case of migraine. To recreate the atmosphere of the live game, you should also have high quality earphones. Otherwise, you would just have to settle for subpar quality live stream.

Choose your live stream platform

If you are looking for something free, you are bound to find one in the internet, but keep in mind that quality would not be that good, not to mention how you would be bombarded with ads, which is how these types of online platforms make money. The truth is, you do not really have to search somewhere else, for the mere reason that almost every WVU football game live is available on the website of the team itself, which is at: www.wvusports.com.

Watch the game!

Once you have reached the website, click on the Multimedia tab, after which you would be redirected to a page where you could choose the service you require, video and audio streaming included. The West Virginia Football Live Stream is available on the right hand corner of the screen if there is a game scheduled for that time. Otherwise, the area would just display “No live shows”. In any case, you could still choose to watch previous games and related material even for other sports in which the university is engaged. Needless to say, you have your own library of videos right there and for free.


Do keep in mind that there are other online streaming services that are also free, but the problem you might encounter would have something to do with the quality, given how those streaming platforms are not authorized to showcase them. Hence, if you have the budget, it’s always a good idea to get a paid subscription or a paid app.