Wiziwig TV Live Stream Review – Is It Legal?

Let’s make it clear, Wiziwig offer illegal content and sports fans should find better options in the form of DirecTV Now and playstaion Vue.

Is your favorite NBA team playing a game tonight but you are away from home? You can watch the NBA live as long as you have a computer or mobile device which can connect to the Internet. Visit Sling TV or Directv Now and catch the hottest sports shows online. You can get to watch it for free on a trial period.

With WiziWigTV, you are just a few clicks away from watching sports events online, but the content there is pirated and illegal.

 WiziWig TV brings live sporting events to your computer but again they are illegal content. Almost all the sports that you know—from basketball, golf, baseball, football, cricket, tennis, wrestling, boxing, and hockey, amongst others—are featured there.

You’ll need a reliable Internet connection to watch sports online. Wiziwig is susceptible to malware and adware and video buffering that can take minutes to load, but still, it’s one of the websites that avid fans go to when they need to satisfy their sports fix, but the risk are very high.

 How to Watch Sporting Events LEGALLY

Hey sports fans, have you ever missed a favorite event because you couldn’t access a certain channel, or you just couldn’t take time out of your busy schedule?

There are a lot of ways to catch up on your favorite teams, but some of them involve paying a substantial fee in order to do it. However, there are options. I am going to show you how you can view live, streaming sports without having to dig into your pockets.


DIREC TV provides you with sports on demand. Whether you are into boxing, bowling, golf, soccer, you name it. DIRECTV can provide you with what you need.

Just subscribe to one of their sports packages and receive live, ultra high definition sports content streamed straight to your Apple TV, Amazon Fires TV or Chromecast.

I said “free” though right? DIRECTTV offers a free trial period. Get a full seven days of sports for free after you sign up for a paid subscription. Cancel before the week is up and you are good to go.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another option. If you are the owner of a smart TV, digital media player, or any mobile device, Sling TV is the ticket.

They offer a bunch of different channels to choose from, including the sports you crave. Once again, check out their free promotion for a full week of sports without having to spend a dime. Just cancel before the seven days are up without any further obligation.

PlayStation Vue

You don’t have to own a PlayStation personally to use PlayStation Vue. All you need is a digital media player, Smart TV, or any mobile device, and Boom! Stream brilliant HD sports content straight from PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation Vue offers a pretty cool feature that lets you stream sports content onto five different devices all at once.

They have two different packages to choose from. “Access” which is their basic package, and “Core.”

With Access, you get unlimited access to unlimited streaming all of your favorite sports channels like FS1 and ESPN. If you are just a casual sports fan, this might be exactly what you are looking for.

Looking for a little extra? Their Core package might be better suited for the die-hard sports fan then. PlayStation Vue has both a five day and a seven-day trial that you can try absolutely cost-free. Just cancel at any time.


HULU, considered by many to be one of the best and cost-efficient streaming platforms on today’s internet, might be another option to look into.

They provide a variety of ways to surf your favorite sports channels. View Live TV in real time on your gaming devices, mobile apps and tablets, and television. Wherever your travels may take you, your sports can come too.

HULU provides all the major sports channels you need. Fox Sports, The Big Ten Network, ESPN… with just the push of a button, you are connected.

They currently offer a 30-day free trial, and like the other channels, you can cancel at any time risk-free.


YouTube is much more than just a video and gaming channel. They now feature a new service called YouTubeTV. It provides excellent online, high-resolution sports that you can stream to all of your favorite electronic gadgets.

Watch live games from ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports and more. If you want to upgrade to their premium account, you get even more options and channels.

They have a new feature called Cloud DVR, so you can relax and never miss your favorite sporting event again. Simply record it and watch it at a time that is more convienient for you.


is another way to get a free trial sports programming. Check it out for a full 14 days. This should be plenty of time for you to decide if you want to go astep further. Remember you are under no obligation to spend your hard-earned

Now of course, all of these above-mentioned channels provide tons of channels besides just sports. So if by rare chance you happen to get sick of the game, you can flip to something else. But come on guys, what’re the chances of that happening

If you were to take advantage of all the free trials that these five channels have to offer back to back, you would get over two months of completely free sports viewing pleasure. Give them a try, what do you possibly have to lose?

 Cons of Watching Streams from WiziWig

 There are some things you won’t like with WiziWig. One is that the installation of the software can lead your computer to getting viruses or adware. If you want to be assured that the client that you are downloading and installing is clean from any threats, then you should have an anti-virus software. Scan the software installer you have downloaded first before installing it.

In some instances, the anti-virus software will also block the software you have installed. This will prevent you from watching a college football live stream on WiziWig. You can address this issue either by turning off your anti-virus program, or including the application in the so-called protection list. This means that the anti-virus software will allow Sopcast, TVU, or another software to run.

 Overall, WiziWig TV is a bad idea if you are looking for a way to stream sports online. visit the legal services I mentioned above.